Welcome to the new Animo Inglewood Website

Our Mission

The mission of Ànimo Inglewood Charter High School is to prepare ethnically and economically diverse students for college, leadership, and life through innovative instruction, a rigorous curriculum, and the use of technology. We aim to achieve our mission by creating a student-centered environment that unifies the efforts of family, community, and school to foster life-long learning, cross-cultural competency, social responsibility, and academic excellence.

Our History

Ànimo Inglewood Charter High School was founded by Steve Barr of Green Dot Public Schools. Due to the success of Green Dot's first school, Ànimo Leadership, the State Board of Education approved the opening of Ànimo Inglewood in August 2002.

The core beliefs of Green Dot Public Schools are:

  • We have an unwavering belief in the potential of all students.
  • We have a passion for excellence.
  • We have and demonstrate respect for each other, for our school community, and for the community at large.
  • It is critical that all key stakeholders (parents, students, teachers, and administrators) are actively involved in the education of each child and feel ownership of the school.

Our Name

Ànimo is a Spanish word that means "vigor, mind, spirit, valor, and the courage to overcome odds."

What makes Ànimo Inglewood Special?

  • small classroom size
  • Technology
  • highly qualified teachers and administrators
  • parent involvement (35 hours of service to the school required per year)
  • staff members, parents, and students work as a family to make students successful
  • college preparatory courses
  • high expectations - every student is expected to go to college
  • positive school culture where everyone feels valued

What Parents Say About Ànimo Inglewood

  • "These people don't expect our kids to fail."
  • "Everyone on the staff works so hard and is so devoted to our kids.
  • "I love the emphasis on academics. This is something I'm not used to."

What Students Say About Ànimo Inglewood

  • "Teachers pay attention to students and give their time to us even though they don't have a lot of time."
  • "If you want to go to college, going to this school is the best way to do it."
    "This is a good school because the teachers care about your education."
  • "We've got the greatest teachers. They know how to teach."