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What is the Black America Study?

Black America Today provides a fresh look at more than 30 million African-Americans -

based on the most detailed snapshot ever of African American life.  Finding strong group identity around culture and traditions, the study sheds light on and shatters myths about who we are as a community.

Black America Study:

This top-line summary report includes insight into Black America’s feelings about their future, past and present as well as details on their relationship with media, advertising and technology.

Black America Study:

There are 11 distinct groups or ‘segments’ that differentiate 13-74 year old Blacks and African- Americans.  These summary reports highlight the essential similarities and differences.

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Download More Details on Specific Segments

Black America Study:
Fact Sheets

The 7 ‘fact’ sheets focus on specific categories such as ‘New Media’, ‘Teens’, ‘Religion and Social Views’ etc.  They are particularly helpful if read after the Summary report.

About Radio One

Radio One, Inc. is one of the nation's largest radio broadcasting companies and the largest radio broadcasting company that primarily targets African-American and urban listeners.

About Yankelovich

Yankelovich is a leading consumer market research and analytics company that has helped marketers understand consumer values and behavior since 1958.

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