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Statement of Purpose

On the basis of more than 50 years of consistent reports of close-range, daylight observations by expert witnesses, of objects having radical appearance and performance, it is reasonable to conclude that we are faced with a phenomenon for which there is no conventional explanation.

It is the primary purpose of the Fund for UFO Research, Inc., to support all reasonable and scientific efforts to learn the nature of this phenomenon. The patterns of UFO appearance and behavior strongly suggest that they are not merely mis-identified natural and known artificial phenomena.  It is apparent that the UFO phenomenon involves several aspects:

Extraterrestrial Hypothesis

While physical proof of the extraterrestrial origin of UFOs is not in the hands of civilian investigators, there is a growing mass of evidence that points to the distinct possibility that some UFOs represent the presence, near the Earth, of a non-human intelligence.

Government Secrecy

The release of thousands of pages of previously classified official military/intelligence documents (after denying their existence) makes it clear that the U. S. Government long concealed UFO information. There is no reason to assume this policy has ended.

UFO Crashes

In view of impressive first-hand testimony to July, 1947, events in New Mexico, it sppears likely that the remains of at least one crashed UFO were recovered by the U. S. Government. In recent years, the desperate efforts of the U. S. Air Force to assign illogical explanations for the wreckage and bodies allegedly recovered, point to a cover-up or to incompetence.

"Alien Abductions"

While recognizing the bizarre content of so-called "abduction" accounts, their unusual degree of consistency, and supporting physical evidence, suggest a physical rather than a psychological explanation.  Psychological studies of "abductees" so far tend to rule out psychopathology as the cause of more than a few reports.

--Don Berliner, FUFOR Chairman, June 13, 2001