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# C-58
Dad handsome at 86
Turn up your sound!

Welcome to
West Coast Style co !
I make and sell lampwork beads, lampwork bracelets, jewelry and other fun stuff..
Come and take a look around!

                              New freebie give-a-way!
Welcome to my street, in each building I will be putting new freebies ,
so each month when I pull your name you can pick which one you want,
some people like Beads...some pendants and some other goodies.
So I will be adding to each building something cute...Come back and vote and click on the building to see whats inside!
                           NEW FREEBIES!
                                  NEW THINGS A COMING !!!
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February 5, 2011
   Just got back from seeing my Dad and he is doing better.....will have to wait untill Monday and talk to the Dr. as to just what was happening with Dad.
   Pulled name for freebie the winner is Linda! I will send you an email. Thanks for the votes everyone I'll pull another name on 11th.
  February 4,2011
  Just a quick drop in  ...Its been a busy day  today,My step Mother in Law had surgery to remove a tumor in her stomach and it turned out to be cancer. So we will have to wait and see if they got it all. My father had to be put in the hospital too as he was not doing good and tonight I called ( after calling off and on all day) they said they had good news and they were sending him back to his room in the Villa . He actually walked with the theropest down the hallway, when this morning he was unable to get up  and walk at all...... so I am really confused. Will go tomorrow and see whats up. Say some prayers for Eileen and my Dad....
February 1, 2011
  Went to see my Dad today ,he is looking so frail but he has such a handsome , no lines or wrinkle face. Makes me hope I have those genes.
   I went to my orthopedist yesterday and he put me in an ankle support thing. He thinks I still need something to help my ankle heal.
   Going to try and do some beads this week.... I have a few ideas I want to try out to incorporate them with the fused glass hearts and diamond shapes I have been making. DId I say I LOVE GLASS!!!!
   Going to draw a name on Friday for the freebie!

Blue Heart Glass Pendant
Click for Detail
Blue Heart Glass Pendant
This is such a beautiful glass heart, it is wrapped with copper wire.
The heart measures 1 1/2" .
I made this heart and properly kiln annealed it.
Comes with a leather cord.( not shown)

1 in stock


Black Diamond Pendant
Click for Detail
Black Diamond Pendant
This glass pendant measures 1" ( with bail 1 1/2".)
It is wrapped with a burdundy wire and an ab swarovski crystal.
The glass is made by me and properly kiln annealed.
Comes with a necklace leather cord.

1 in stock


Amber Heart Necklace
Click for Detail
Amber Heart Necklace
This one is one of my favorites. It is wrapped with copper wire and copper links.
Heart measures 1 1/2" and the necklace measures 19" long. Necklace is made of leather.
Heart hangs on an angle with two amber glass diamond links attached by copper .
The glass is made by me and properly kiln annealed.

1 in stock


Black magnetic necklace cable
Click for Detail
Black magnetic necklace cable

Color: Black 
Size: 18 inch total length
Description: Flexible steel cable choker with lead free magnetic clasp. 
Quantity: One choker per pak. Enter quantity below.

  • The cable is coated in smooth plastic for comfort.
  • Cable thickness is 1mm.
  • The magnet measures approx. 1/2 inch when both pieces are together.
  • The magnet is approximately 2.5mm in diameter and fits inside the sleave which is 3.5mm in diameter.
  • The magnet supports up to 12.4 ounces or over 351 grams prior to releasing.
  • The magnet will fit through holes of 2.53mm or larger.
  • The magnet is smooth with no rough edges.
  • Not recommended for use with a pace maker.
  • Not recommended for children under age 6.

8 in stock



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