airspeeder, Bail Organa's

  • Appeared in:
  • Homeworld:
  • Size:
    5.9 meters long
  • Type:
    Luxury airspeeder
  • Manufacturer:
    Custom special (from a Narglatch AirTech kit)

From the Expanded Universe

Narglatch AirTech is a small independent development firm that manufactures speeder and speeder modification kits for the galaxy's wealthy hobbyists. Their products have attracted the attention of several influential Core Worlders and Senators, most notably playboy Senator Simon Greyshade of the Vorzyd sector. His flaunting of his bright yellow Narglatch XJ-6 impressed Senator Bail Organa, who purchased a red and silver XJ-2.

The airspeeder became Organa's hobby; whenever he had scarce moments of free time, he could be found in his garage on Alderaan modifying every part of the vehicle. Deciding that the ability to travel unrecognized could be advantageous, he registered the airspeeder under the name of Org Banelli.

As the years went by and the tensions of the Senate continued to grow, Bail found less and less time work on his airspeeder. By the start of the Clone Wars, he had brought his XJ-2 to Coruscant, where he was now spending much of his time. The pseudonym he had registered his speeder under came in handy while attending clandestine meetings with other Senators, without the Chancellor's office knowing of his whereabouts.

Organa used this speeder while investigating the fires at the Jedi Temple the night Order 66 was enacted. He sped away from the site of the carnage, but later used the speeder to rescue Yoda who barely escaped from his fight with the Emperor.

Thanks to the dead-end record of "Org Banelli," the Empire never bothered tracing the XJ-2 back to its true owner. He eventually brought the airspeeder back to Alderaan, and continued to work on it as a hobby but the pressing concerns of forging an Alliance to Restore the Republic meant that dust would soon gather on the speeder.

Bail gave the XJ-2 to his daughter Leia as a birthday present when she was old enough to pilot repulsorcraft. The young Princess learned the fundamentals of piloting aboard the speedy vessel under the careful supervision of her father. The modified XJ-2 was destroyed when Alderaan was blown up by the Death Star.

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