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Heading to the New Jersey Microsoft Developer’s Group tonight.

I'll be up at the New Jersey Microsoft office tonight in Iselin, NJ for the user group meeting tonight. I can't stay long but if you know silverlight and want to talk stop by and say hi. website

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Long Time No See

It sure has been a while since I have posted anything new on my blog but I am going to start up posing again pretty regularly. I am currently on the books for 3 events coming up and will be posting details on them shortly and a nice recap article of what I have been up to shortly.

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Phone7ActionPack Sample 3 – Let there Bing Maps

So location controls are nice but I am sure that you would rather be able to show your users a map rather than just say here is a your Latitude & Longitude. This sample also talks about some of the other stuff that will be included with the release that isn't visual.


Phone 7 Action Pack Sample 2

If your gonna share this via twitter could you do me a favor and tag it with #wp7ap? Thanks!

So here is the second sample for the Phone 7 Action Pack. It centers around 2 different implementations of controls that help with location service interaction. Please let me know what you think.

The HD version of this is up on CodePlex

Let me know what you guys think I should add to the Phone7ActionPack


The Story Behind My Pseudo Arrest

OK, so the story behind getting arrested was that I had a ticket for letting my cars registration expire that I got right before my chemo started. Well the day before I got arrested I got a notice in the mail saying that there is a warrant for my arrest and to clear it up go to the local police station. So naturally I head right over and clear it up, the police woman that helped me said to make sure that I held onto the paperwork for a week. As she pointed out and I would soon learn it can take a while for a warrant to clear the system.

So when I was driving home from work with my carpool yesterday a police officer randomly ran my plate like they often do when they pull up behind you and BAM he sees the warrant and stops me. I got cuffed and put in the back of the car before I had time to even realize what was happening. While I was sitting in the car I was able to explain things to the police officer (who was for the record a really nice guy about the whole thing) about what had happened and directed him to the paperwork that the stated I had cleared up the warrant. At that point the tone of the whole thing changed and the two officers and I started joking around about the whole thing.

Grand total time arrested was about 5 minutes before the police officer jokingly said "OK Matt, I am officially unarresting you now".

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Phone7ActionPack Preview Sample 1

So I have finally gotten around to putting together a sample of some of the work I am doing for Windows Phone 7. Today I want to introduce you to the Phone7ActionPack’s PhoneFileDataSourceControl and what you can do with it in your application. First off let’s understand that when you build an Application for Windows Phone 7 using Silverlight you will be reading and writing files with Isolated Storage if you choose to use the file system. Those of you that have used Isolated Storage with Silverlight will feel right at home here.

The PhoneFileDataSourceControl is designed to be a designer friendly control that will allow you to implement file access. It has a few key features including:

  • Creating & deleting both files and directories with the aid of an Action.
  • Returning a observable collection of all the files and directories in a given path
  • Selectively control whether or not to show files and or directories in the given path
  • Filter files returned in its collection by using a search pattern
  • Each file/directory in the collection is wrapped with additional information such as the full path to the item, the name of the item, and if it is file or a directory. (More info will be provided down the line. Perhaps simple mime type info or file size)

All of the above functionality can be taken advantage of without writing any additional code.

The First video is the walk through showing what the finished product can do for you.

Phone7ActionPack Sample 1 Part 1 from Matt Van Horn on Vimeo.
Part one of the first sample for the Phone7ActionPack for Windows Phone 7

The Second Video  is a walk through on how to create the sample application.

Phone7ActionPack Sample 1 Part 2 from Matt Van Horn on Vimeo.
Part two of the first sample for the Phone7ActionPack for Windows Phone 7

There is a 3rd Part of this video that I will post shortly.


Speaking at the 1st New England Business Intelligence Code Camp

This Saturday May 22nd I will be presenting three sessions at the New England Business Intelligence Code Camp.
My sessions will be:

  • Intro to SQL Server Reporting Services 2008 - 100 Level session designed to show people some of the basic concepts in SSRS 2008.
  • SSRS Interactive Reports - Walk through of how to use SSRS to make interactive reports that empower the report's consumers.
  • Visualize you data with Silverlight. - High level walk through of Silverlight as a data visualization platform.
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Long Time no Post

So if anyone has been checking in recently you might have noticed that I haven't posed here for quite a while. I recently had some rather serious medical problems and on top of the left Iverson Gaming Systems, Inc. and am now employed as a Consultant in the services division of Infragistics.

Both of these events came together to make a perfect storm of no free time to post on this blog. I have however been out and about speaking. I have also been doing some awesome work at Infragistics. I will be doing several upcoming posts on my Infragistics blog in the near future so check it out here.

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SQL Saturday 37 – Philadelphia

So I aperently forgot to post about this but I will be presenting three sessions at SQL Saturday 37 right here in Philly tomorrow! You can check out the schedule here. Aperently all the tickets are gone so if you don't have one yet... Sorry your probably not gonna get in.

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Presentation for Lambda Expressions

So I gave this talk about Lambda Expressions in C# today and people seemed to like it... In fact it was standing room only and the event organizer asked me to do a repeat this afternoon at the 2:30pm time slot. For all those that are interested here is the presentation that I gave as well as the VS2010 project sample