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WWE NXT Results (2/8/11) - Byron Saxton Is Eliminated

Written by Brooks Oglesby on Feb 8, 2011 - 10:50:23 PM

WWE NXT Results - 2/8/2011

-It's elimination time tonight! We get a recap of the four remaining rookies and their in-ring and challenge highlights so far. Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham welcome us to this week's edition of WWE NXT, coming to us from Green Bay, Wisconsin! Matt Striker is at the top of the ramp with the rookies, and we see the return of the inflatable jousting ring. The rookies are lined up, and and Derrick Bateman has a Packer's cheese hat on. We are reminded that Johnny Curtis has 3 immunity points, and Bateman has two, with no other rookies having any.

Challenge #1: Rock 'Em Sock 'Em Rookie Challenge

-In tournament format, the first rookie to fall of his podium will be eliminated.

-Our first match-up is Curtis vs. Bateman. After a few seconds, Curtis falls forward and pushes Bateman off. The referees say that since Curtis fell off first, Bateman wins, and moves on.

-The next match-up is Saxton vs. Brodus. Brodus is uneasy walking around on the apparatus. Before he steps up on his platform, he pushes Saxton down, and tosses the weapons out of the ring. He walks out to Striker, and says that he's 6'8, and he will not be embarrassed. He'll show his stuff in the ring. Saxton wins by default.

-Bateman vs. Saxton is the final round. Bateman pulls a similar move to Curtis, and jumps forward, knocking Saxton down. The referees declare the winner, Byron Saxton.

Winner: Byron Saxton, winning two immunity points.

-There's some controversy on the call, as both men's feet left the podium at almost the same time. Striker announces that there will be a rematch to determine a true winner!

-This time, Saxton knocks Bateman off decisively.

Winner: Byron Saxton, again.

-The current rookie standings are Curtis with 3, Bateman with 2, and Saxton with 2.


-We get a recap of last week's Talk the Talk challenge, when Bateman dissed Dolph Ziggler, calling him "Turd Ferguson." Bateman will now be facing Ziggler's rookie, Byron Saxton.

Match #1: Derrick Bateman vs. Byron Saxton

-They lock in the middle of the ring, and Bateman gets a big powerslam, followed by an armdrag. An over-the-shoulder armbreaker by Bateman. Saxton fights out of a wristlock and throws Bateman against the ropes. Bateman quickly counters with a Russian legsweep. He goes to the apron, saying "Move, Turd." to Ziggler. He climbs the turnbuckle, but Saxton hits the ropes, causing Bateman to fall. 2-count on Bateman. Saxton hits Bateman with a clothesline for another 2-count. Irish whip by Saxton ends in a shoulder block on Bateman for a 1-count. A modified grounded headlock on Bateman, as Chris Masters starts a "Turd" chant from the ramp. Bateman fights out, and both rookies are up. Bateman with a kick to the face, and hits two agressive push downs. Bateman throws Saxton into the ropes and hits a turnbuckle dropkick. Bryan says "Go for the submission!" as Bateman tries for what looks to be a sharpshooter. Saxton gets a quick rollup for the two. Both rookies are up, and Saxton tries for another school boy rollup. Bateman gets up quickly and applies Daniel Bryan's LeBell Lock. Saxton taps.

Winner: Derrick Bateman

-Rivals Johnny Curtis and Brodus Clay will face off tonight.


-The rookies are in the ring for our next challenge, worth 3 immunity points.

Challenge #2: Challenge

-Whoever gets the closest guess to the actual price of select items from will win. Out to present the items is returning rookie diva, AJ Lee!

-The first item is the DVD "Top 50 Superstars of All Time." Brodus: $29.99. Bateman: $19.99. Saxton: $24.99. Curtis: $1. Brodus gets it right.

-Naomi is back to present the next item. She has the February issue of WWE Kids Magazine.

-Brodus: $1. Curtis: $6.95. Bateman: $9.99 Saxton: $10. Brodus gets closest again.

-AJ is back out with a replica World Heavyweight Championship belt.

-Bateman $39.99. Saxton $19.99. Brodus: $19.95. Curtis: $30.11. Saxton gets it on the dot.

-Naomi is back out with the "History of the WWE Championship" Book.

Bateman: $38,451. Saxton: $28.95. Brodus: $23. Curtis: $30. Brodus gets closest, since everyone else was over. Ziggler hilariously says "That's the first time Saxton's been over."

Winner: Brodus Clay, who wins 3 immunity points.

-Brodus Clay and Johnny Curtis are now tied with 3 immunity points, while Derrick Bateman and Byron Saxton are tied with 2 immunity points.


-R-Truth and Curtis are backstage. Curtis says he's distracted by accusations that Curtis has a big ego. This is referring to last week, when Saxton was telling Curtis that Truth was talking about him behind his back. Truth says that he just needs to worry about getting it done in the ring, and they do their bro-hug embrace. Truth walks off, as Curtis watches him, looking uneasy.


-Brodus and Ricardo Rodriguez are in the ring. R-Truth's music hits, and out comes Curtis, with Truth a little bit behind.

Match #2: Johnny Curtis vs. Brodus Clay

-Dolph grills Truth, saying "Milkwaukee, Wisconsin!" in reference to Truth's terrible Raw botch. Curtis starts throwing punches on Brodus in the corner. Brodus fights out and ground Curtis with a body strike. He throws Curtis out of the ring, but Curtis pops up quickly and catches Brodus in the eye. Brodus is down, and Curtis is back in the ring hitting mounted punches. Curtis goes to the top rope, but Brodus picks him up, puts him in Attitude Adjustment position, and drops Curtis throat-first onto the top rope. Brodus hooks Curtis' leg and hits a belly to belly suplex for a two-count. Brodus remains in control with some punches. Curtis is having a hard time staying on his feet as Brodus applies a standing front headlock. Curtis begins to fight out with punches, but Brodus stops him with a shot to Curtis' side torso. He backs Curtis into the corner, and starts getting some strikes on Curtis. He hits a tackle on Curtis in the corner, and brings Curtis back out in a front headlock. Brodus keeps the hold and backs Curtis into the corner. He goes for a splash, but Curtis moves out of the way and briefly takes control. That doesn't last long, as Brodus flips him back to the corner. Curtis fights out as Curtis tries to get Brodus off his feet with repeated European uppercuts. He hits a dropkick to Brodus' knee to finally take him down. Curtis goes to the apron and hits a springboard leg drop onto Brodus for a two-count. Curtis goes to the top rope and when Brodus gets to his feet, he hits a missile dropkick. Brodus rolls to the apron, and gets a thumb to Curtis' eye. Brodus gets Curtis in an Oklahoma Slam position, and hits a huge running powerslam to pick up the 3-count.

Winner: Brodus Clay

-The pros huddle up to get their votes together, since one rookie will be eliminated next!


Rookie Elimination

-The rookies are lined up in their usual spot outside the ring. There is a tie between Curtis and Brodus in the immunity poll, so they will appeal to the WWE Universe as to why they deserve immunity. Curtis says "It's because THE PACKERS RULE!" Brodus says that he deserves immunity because he works alone, and he'll win alone. He says he doesn't care about the Packers fans, and the Steelers should've won anyways. Curtis gets a pop, and Brodus gets booed. Therefore, Johnny Curtis gets immunity tonight.

Eliminated: Byron Saxton

-Byron looks genuinely devastated. He looks like he's on the verge of tears. Ziggler says "Spit it out!" as Saxton stammers. He says "I don't understand the WWE Universe eliminates Byron Saxton! I don't understand how you take a model citizen, a man's man, and send him home! But I know that one day, common sense will come back to you and everything will be a-okay." He thanks the crowd as the crowd boos. Ziggler walks down the ramp and says that he disgusts him. He's yelling and screaming for Saxton to get out, and that he doesn't have "it." Masters says to Saxton, "If you were a real man, you'd punch him in the face right now", which gets a pop. Saxton has been looking very angry this whole time, but he gets a smirk on his face, holds his hand up, points at Ziggler, and starts walking backward toward the stage slowly.

-That's it for this week's edition of NXT. The competition will only get more intense going forward, so be sure to stay tuned, and keep voting. Thanks for reading.

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