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Baseline concept and practical advice:

Abstract "CIP in Environmental Management"

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CIP in environmental management is the core prerequisite for any company seriously dealing with environmental issues in a standardized framework. Both ISO 14000ff and EMAS ask for proof of CIP, and both standards do not allow for certification in case the organization lacks improvements in system and in eco performance.

However, as these standards don't specify any details regarding CIP and its requirements, this issue can cause uncertainties and differences between organizations, auditors, and consultants. To avoid this and to make certain that the CIP-interested community speaks "the same language" and gets the same understanding of the issue, we have set up a summary outlining the basics of CIP in Environmental Management. It's a great help for EMS-Staff, Managers, Consultants, as well as for Researchers, Professors and Students.

The Abstract consists of two volumes:

1: The Basics
It summarizes the basic concept, as it is adopted in a growing number of countries and organizations worldwide. It provides a brief overview on the relevant issues every organization should know about to ensure a lasting CIP.

2: The Practice
Volume two is a collection of the most important considerations and practical strategies that enable any organization to implement a CIP that will also work in the medium and long run.

You can download both volumes "CIP in Environmental Management" right now for a small fee, and easily pay by credit card or paypal.

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