Activism and Awareness

Animal Cruelty
Tobacco Free Kids
National Coalition for the Homeless
Handgun Control
Endangered Species of the Next Mellennium
The Hunger Site
Second Harvest
Earth Island Institute - Innovative Action for the Environment
Freedom Forum
Anti-Defamation League
Disaster Relief
E The People - Where active citizens connect with their government
Net Aid
Organ Donation

Animal & Pet Sites

Cat Fancy
World Wildlife Fund
Virtual Dog
San Diego Zoo
The Gorilla Foundation
The Electronic Zoo
FINS - Fish Information Service
The Tennessee Aquarium

Art, Photography and Galleries

Art Crimes - Graffiti
National Museum Of American Art
National Gallery of Art
Museum Of Modern Art
Scottsdale Center for the Arts
Georgia O' Keeffe
Art Daily Web Newspaper
Virtual Museum of The Arts
Art Scene Soho
The Academy of American Poets
Frank Lloyd Wright - Life and Work

Books and Authors

Stephen King
Barnes and Noble

Comedians & Humor

The Hockey Puck - Don Rickles
Pat Paulsen
Calvert Deforest aka Larry "Bud" Mellman
Retarded Humor
Funny Mail
Fade To Black
The Toilet Paper
The Straight Dope
Bob's Fridge Door
Modern Humorist
National Lampoon
The Wax
Daze of our Lives
Dribble Glass
I Should Be Working
Joe Cartoon
Barking Spider

Computer/Internet Resources

CNET/ Lots of cool stuff here
Internet Traffic Report
PC World
Wired Magazine

Cool Sites (These sites represent exceptional design and content)

The Fray
The Other Side Of Myself
The Smoking Gun
Open Sewer
Bill Domonkos
David Rumsey Historical Map Collection (Awesome site!)
Private Art: A Collection of WWII Letters To and From The Home Front

Do It Yourself/Home Improvement

Ask The Builder
Home Depot
Bob Villa
Today's Home Owner

Fishing and Outdoor Sports

Field and Stream Magazine
Fly Fishing
World Of Fishing
GORP - Great Outdoors Recreation Pages

Fitness, Health and Lifestyles

LD Online - guide to learning disibilities for parents, teachers, and children
Parent Soup
Thrive Online - Health and Fitness
Sun Protection
Zap Health
Intimacy Institute - Better relationships, better sex
Swoon - Dating, Mating and Relating

Food and Drink Sites
Oriental Food - for people who like sushi
Good Stuff Online
Recipe Exchange
4 Vegetarians
Whole Foods Market
Farmers Market
Vegetarian Resource Guide
Dinner Unplugged
Olive Tree World
Jack Daniels - Tennessee Whiskey
E Vineyard
Coffee World

Friends on The Web

Kat's House
Lori's Place
Matt's page
Ladybugabana's Realm
In The Clouds - by Judy Williams
Clif's page
Belle 40 - Welcome to my life!
Deborah Gray Mitchell Photography
Earl's Contropy Homepage - This is deep stuff

Games and Fun Stuff

Cool Quiz Trivia Network
The Trivia Portal
Comic Zone
Virtual Drawing
Paint on the Grafitti Wall
Blackjack Trainer
Web Puzzler
Buzztime Trivia
Desktop Poetry

Government & Politics

CIA Homepage
The White House Page
The British Monarchy
Pop and Politics

HTML and Web Design

Matt's Script Archive
Inki's Clip Art
Animation Factory
HTML Background Color Selector
Media Builder
Web Graphics
The Webmaster's Reference Library
HTML Goodies
Web Pages That Suck - learn good design by looking at bad design
Java World

Information and Reference

Phrase Finder
Urban Dictionary
The Official US Time
The History Net
Roller Coasters
Web Math
Family Education
The Civil War
The Guinnes Book Of World Records
The 50 States
The Luminarium
The RX List
The Book Of Cliches
Ask Jeeves - Check it out, lots of information here
Find out about charities and non-profit organizations
How Far Is It?
Remember it - Get email reminders of important dates and events
Starting Point - Find out about anything
Miss Abigail's Time Warp - Advice
Dead People Server
Who Where - Find anyone
Who2- Search for famous people
Beyond Weird
Webopedia - Online dictionary for computer and Internet technology
Platematch - Find someone by their license plate number
List Of Phobias
Get a job
Kelley Blue Book - Guiding the car buyer
American Folk - Folklore, Folk Art, Popular Culture - Online Calendar - Access Your Bookmarks From Any Computer - Get 50 megs of storage space on the web - The Worlds Living Guide
Dr. - Medical stuff
Refdesk - The best source for facts on the net
Inkspot - The Writer's Resource
The Pulitzer Prizes
The Today Page (Whats happening today)
The Encyclopedia Mythica
Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Hyper History

Link Sites and Search Engines

Hotsheet - Links in every category - Search the web - A Nice Search Site


Popular Mechanics
Life Magazine
Popular Science
Feed Magazine
DC Comics
Strange Magazine
One World Magazine
National Geographic
National Enquirer
Bomb Magazine
Muse Magazine
Citzine, The Web Magazine for Canadians
New Scientist
Blindspot Photography

Music Links

Townes Van Zandt - A True Poet
John Hartford
Entertainer/Guitarist - Thom Bresh
Oh Boy! Records - John Prine
Gove Scrivenor
Clint Miller - The Man, The Legend
Jimmy Tittle
Pat Mclaughlin
Shawn Camp
Frank Zappa
Frank Sinatra - Frankie we love ya!
Blue - Another Frank Sinatra Site
Counting Crows
David Bowie
The Rolling Stones
Jimi Hendrix
Ray Charles Online
Todd Rundgren
Barenaked Ladies
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame
Country Music Hall Of Fame
The Blue Highway - The History Of Blues Music
John Lee Hooker 1917-2001
House Of Blues
Stunt Kitty
Carnegie Hall
Billboard Magazine
CBGB Online - Home Of Underground Rock
Audio Web
Glass Wings
Blue Note
Elvis Presley - The King
The Beatles Internet Album - Audio books
All About Jazz
Experience Music Project
Guitar Geek
Guitar World
Gibson Guitars

News Sites

The Drudge Report - News Galore
Wacky News
News Directory: Newspapers and Media
Associated Press Newswire
The Village Voice - Internet News
The Onion
The Why Files
Bizarre News


South Dakota
Daytona Florida
The Florida Keys
New York
New Orleans
North Carolina
Arkansas - The Natural State
Los Angeles

Science & Space

Hubble Telescope Pictures
The Nine Planets
Space and Flight
Kennedy Space Center
NASA's Observatorium
The Center For Earth And Planetery Studies
Windows To The Universe
Last Word Science
Bill Nye - The Science Guy
Ask Dr. Science
The Science Explorer
Genetic Science Learning Center
Molecular Expressions
The Biology Project
The Virtual Body

Shopping and Online Card Sites

The Sharper Image
Shop At Home
Net Grocer
Timberline Outfitters
Eddie Bauer
Regards - E Cards
Card Central - Hundreds of virtual card sites
The Love Police
LL Bean

Stars and Celebrities

Julia Roberts
Cindy Crawford
Cameron Diaz
Famous Mugshots
Caricature Zone
Former Child Stars
Seeing The Stars

Travel & Outdoors

Roadside America
The Connected Traveler
Monterey Bay Aquarium
Lonely Planet
Igo Ugo
Foreign Languages for Travelers
Whats Going On - Festivals and Events
Windstar Cruises
Conde Nast Traveler
Worlds Largest Roadside Attractions
Roadside Oddities
Terraquest Virtual Expeditions
Dive Global
Central Park
The Grand Canyon
National Park Service

TV/Movie/Entertainment Links

The Late Show with David Letterman
Big Brother
Comedy Central
The X-Files
Star Wars
Babylon 5
The Discovery Channel
E Online
Tabloid and Hollywood Scandals
TV Party
The Sci-Fi Channel
Home and Garden Television
Court TV
Travel Channel
PBS Online
A&E; Biography
Austin City Limits
Hollywood Online
Upcoming Movies
The B Monster - Cult Movie Resource
Oh, The Humanity! The Worst Movies on Earth
Drive - Relive the days of the drive in theatre
Mr. Shobiz
The Brunching Shuttlecocks
Visual Effects Headquarters
Ain't It Cool News
Sundance Film Festival
Coming Soon
Entertainment Weekly
Zap2it- Everything about TV is here

Useless Sites (and I don't mean that in a bad way)

Bad Fads Museum
The Darwin Awards - Idiotic and fatal adventures
Bert and Bud's Vintage Coffins
Stare Down Sally
The Simulator
Application to date Carl Steadman
Hairy Backs
Leonard Nimoy Should Eat More Salsa
Goddess Of Garbage
Totally Absurd Inventions
The Empty Website
The Museum Of Toilets
The Bag of Tat
No More AOL CD's
Desktop Poetry
Virtual Stapler
I Hate Computers
The Vintage Vacuum Cleaner Museum
The Center For Chihuahua Exploitation
Tasty Insect Recipies
I Hate Clowns
Asinine Poetry
City Morgue Gift Shop
Bad Cookie
Project Denny's
Sporks Are Godlike
Mike's World Wide Web of Barfbags
The Worldwide I Hate Mayonnaise Club
Restroom Of The Future
Dancing Paul
The Payphone Project
Jack McCracken Fights Dirty
The Hall Of Spam
Psycho Proverb Zone
The Bible In Pig Latin
The Air Guitar Homepage
Lee's Useless Super Hero Generator
Magic 8 Ball
2000 Uses For Peanut Butter
Kiss This - Archive Of Misheard Lyrics
Stop Shopping Cart Abuse
Dumb - This is for real
Squirrel Hazing
Duct Tape On The Web
Candy Bar Wrapper Image Archive
Eric Conveys An Emotion
8 Track Heaven
Weird Ebay Auctions
The Bathroom Wall
Twisted Tunes With Bob Rivers
Beard Research
Contortion Homepage
Museum Of Bad Art
Piercing Mildred
Wall O Shame
The Apology Note Generator

Utilities - Free personal internet space - Postage right from your printer
Make your handwriting into a font
Favorites Anywhere - Access your favorites from any computer
Portable Office
Webshots - Awesome free screen saver and wallpaper