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The Department functions as the planning agency for the unincorporated area of Madera County, formulating and implementing the general plan and community plans, and coordinating land use considerations in accordance with the zoning ordinance. The department is responsible for processing conditional use permits, zoning permits, land divisions, and other entitlement applications, and for assisting the public in explaining zoning and planning matters. The planning department maintains an enforcement program and issues citations for violations of the land use and construction regulations. The department is also responsible for implementing a variety of programs adopted at the state level, including those dealing with environmental review of projects, agricultural land conservation, surface mining, affordable housing, etc.

The Planning Department performs the following services:

  • Advisor to the Board of Supervisors on matters involving planning, zoning, land use, subdivisions, transportation and road standards, etc. and prepares maps and study materials for the Board.
  • Serve as staff for the Planning Commission and County Airport Land Use Commission processing land use permit including General Plan Amendments, Rezonings, Conditional Use Permits, Variances, Parcel Maps, and Subdivision Maps.
  • Planning Director also serves as County Zoning Administrator making decisions on certain types of land use applications, setback variances, and zoning enforcement actions.
  • Assign addresses and street names to all residences and businesses in the unincorporated area of the County.
  • Administer Williamson Act Program. The Planning Director serves as Chairman of the County Agricultural Preserve Committee, and the department reviews and processes all new agricultural preserve applications.
  • Responsible for administration of California Environmental Quality Act in accordance with the guidelines issued by the Secretary for Resources (State).
  • Responsible for Housing Assistance Plans and Community Development Block Grant administration and applications.
  • Administration of the State Planning Act in Madera County. Perform the planning function required by State law in assuring that the county planning operations are consistent with and conform to all applicable State requirements.
  • Review and sign-off on Building Permit Applications. This review includes compliance of project with current zoning and setback requirements; compliance with conditions of approval (i.e., Conditional Use Permits, etc.); check legal status of parcel; and determine road impact fee traffic zone.
  • Review and sign off on business licenses and determine compliance with zoning.
  • The Planning Department serves as Chairman of the Subdivision Committee and the Parcel Map Committee.

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Planning Director: Norman L. Allinder

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