Menacing Sith Lords. Galactic heroes practicing ancient religions. Bounty hunters. Scum. Scoundrels, rebels, smugglers and sages. Scruffy-looking nerfherders. Commanders and generals. Fathers, daughters, sons. These are the people and creatures who define the Star Wars universe; characters rich in story, outlandish in appearance, steeped in mystery, forged as legends. From simple farm boys to elderly teachers to ruthless megalomaniacs, Star Wars is full of unforgettable faces.

To celebrate the amazing legacy of heroes and villains from Star Wars' long, storied history, we decided to rank our favorites from the amazing universe of choices. Whether from movies, television shows, videogames, comics, books -- even rides -- we considered every Wookiee, Bothan, Rodian and droid... and present to you the 100 that left the biggest mark on the biggest franchise ever created.

Enjoy the list and share your favorites in the comments below. May the Force Be With You!

Star Wars Character Index