What Makes An Awesome Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer ?

I just got back from my regular Wednesday PT session with my Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer,  Rob Reed at Kawana Fitness and I wanted to give him some well deserved props !

sunshine coast personal trainer

Bianca at WFF Sports Model Competition

I have had a lot of Sunshine Coast Personal Trainers in my time, all of them very knowledgable and credible experts, but eventually we go our separate ways. This is due to for various reasons, sometimes it’s location, sometimes it’s because I’m looking for a trainer with different strengths. But more frequently that I would like, it has happened because I held myself to a high standard, and accordingly so did the trainer – but they ended up letting their own agenda take over as to what was in it for them if I achieved my goals.

I’ve had a Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer who told me I couldn’t break from my diet for the next 8 weeks, so what do you think I did for the next 4 days? I ate everything I could possibly imagine ! You know, the age old adage – you don’t want something until someone tells you that you can’t have it.

Now when you are getting your fat folds measured in TENTHS of millimetres every week, these guys KNOW when you have not been following your diet. Eventually he just stopped taking my calls or replying to my texts to book in. I understand that I should have been true to my goals, but I struggle with the implementation of any exercise and diet regime just like any other regular client – why should I have been dealt with so harshly ?  

Because I have a bit of a profile in the Sunshine Coast Personal Training world, it’s easy to forget that I’m just an individual with my own personal goals, and my own personal struggles and failings. I’m not superwoman, I’m not infallible and if I tell you what I’d like to achieve – that is really truly what I would like to achieve.  I’m not trying to “test” you,  I’m not going to steal your ideas and trust me – I don’t want your clients! We have plenty of super motivated guys in our SculptLife family, and they keep our hands plenty busy !

After winning my competition for the INBA Brisbane Titles I finally got that monkey off my back – something I had been trying to achieve for the past two years. But I fell off the wagon big time , when I made the rookie mistake of not resetting my goals straight after the comp. I had literally burnt myself out, I had no more motivation and drive, I spent like 3 months of eating everything I had deprived myself of, things like toasted cheese and tomato sandwiches laden with butter – hot dogs, chocolate milk shakes. I think the morning after the competition i had a packet of mint slice biscuits for breakfast ! Oh my gosh I was sooo sick !

sunshine coast personal trainer

Samoan Sistas, Bianca & Sash

And of course you can imagine the deep deep hole I dug myself – and threw away the shovel !

So when I met Rob last November, I was the heaviest I had been in a long time and I sheepishly told him that my goals were to have an IFBB Figure girls body ( thos girls are the voluptuous, curvy muscly girls – not the skinned rabbit look ). I wanted to look good for photoshoots and be fit for Volleyball, oh yeah, and not let my neck get injured. Rob enthusiastically spouted off all the different hypertrophy and strength phases, macronutrient cycling with my diet and the various testing modalities we were going to use. He might has well have been talking latin, cos I have no concentration when it comes to that technical stuff – but it was like poetry to me – exactly what I needed !

This next bit is a little bit embarrassing … I was so happy to have a trainer ACTUALLY listen to me and what I wanted to achieve – without any other agendas I cried  !  Yep big tough Xena Warrior Princess is all for show ! But to make me feel better, Rob in all his metro-sexuality gave me a few little crocodile tears in sympathy too !

sunshine coast personal trainer

Bianca on stage

So off we started on a training adventure and here I am today after just finishing such an awesome, exhilarating and fantastic session I had to share it with you.

45kg Bench Press
120kg half squats
Body Weight Squat Jumps
Barbell Snatch
Medicine Ball Side Power Throws
Double Leg Throw Downs  
Repeat x 3

*During the 3rd set of Double Leg Throw Downs and after some very unflattering groans, I decide I’m not going to have babies. I don’t think I can handle that pain!*

Single Leg Hops Up the Stairs
20 seconds speed skipping
10 lateral bounds  Repeat X3

sunshine coast personal trainer

The hardest thing is trying to walk gracefully in those heels !

* By this time I use one of my sneaky rest taking tactics-  I normally throw in a few questions about the meaning of life – the deeper the question I ask the more lengthy a response I get. This is fantastic when you are training and in desperate need of a rest, hee hee – but if you guys use it now, I’ll know!  Rob knows I don’t really care about the mitochondria’s role in the ATP –PC cycle but he just can’t help himself to explain it . It’s like he’s possessed and has to tell me or he’ll self combust and this big long winded explanation full of technical jargon spews forth – ha ! I love it !  *

Then outside we go in the car park ( ominous music )

10 Medicine Ball Power Soccer Throws
Resisted Sprinting ( Pushing Rob in the middle of the back up the length of the carpark ! )
Race back to the start ( I sprinted so hard to beat him I’m lucky the wind didn’t change at that moment – I was making some nasty faces ! Okay, I beat you Rob, but it’s okay – you weren’t warm! )Repeat

The oxygen debt I felt in the 10 seconds after each of these activities was enough to have me semi crouched pressed up against the wall and gasping for air. Which would have looked very strange to all the passers by ! ( Thanks for the public airing Rob ! )

But I absolutely LOVED IT ! Sunshine Coast Personal Training – what a fantastic activity to include in your LIFE !

So I feel like I have achieved a milestone here that I need to stop and thank you Rob for everything you have done.

From that day in November, when I was feeling so low and out of shape, I have lost 4 kilos, 5% in body fat, I’ve increased my hamstring strength by a whopping 250% – I was recently voted MVP in one of my Volleyball games and I felt good enough about myself to enter a sports model competition.  Rob has also been able to juggle all these fitness paramaters as well as making sure my physique stays balanced – preventing my chronic neck pain from taking over !  You Bewdie !

Oh, and can I give a big shout out to Vanessa from Starshots, aka “Buffy” for giving up her day and coming down to do my makeup. I felt a million bucks – I’ve decided when I finally get around to getting married, I’ll definitely have my hair like that Ness ! Thank you!

Rob has motivated me through many periods of self doubt, has pondered the meaning of various aspects of life, we’ve had plenty of laughs, has shamed me with his flexibility ! ( man, for a 95kg body builder, you should see his side kicks – I’m going to say they are better than my Pilates instructor and ex ballerina Sue’s ! ) Rob’s made me remember to be true to myself and the goals I set for myself when I try to convince myself it’s not that important to me and I’m so thankful that the universe has crossed our paths.

So – what makes an awesome trainer ?

sunshine coast personal trainer

Rob with his son Kai

An Awesome Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer will

LISTEN TO YOU when you tell them your goals and create an action plan to get there

IGNORE YOU when you try to convince them that it’s not that important to you anymore

HOLD YOU ACCOUNTABLE to your goals and the time line and keep you honest to yourself

ADAPT your program as you improve and refine your goals

TELL IT TO YOU STRAIGHT – hey, there’s no point in lying, if you’re not following your diet, you’re not going to lose the weight ! There is no TRY only DO!

And when all else fails an Awesome Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer will TELL YOU TO SHUT UP AND GET UP !
( Well, Rob hasn’t had to use that one on me yet, but it would definitely stop question time ! ) 

Thanks Rob – you’re awesome !

So what do YOU want in a trainer – what do you thinks makes an awesome Sunshine Coast Personal Trainer?
Make sure you leave a comment below - we always love to hear what you think !


  1. chris says:


  2. Wozza says:

    Hi Girls,
    What makes u guys the most awesomest PT’s on the Sunny coast is the non-judgemental attuide you all have towards me,as u all know last September I weighted in at 112.5kg,what u dont know is that 2 weeks before i joined Sculpt Life i was 115.5kg and heading for an early grave..over weight and smoking a pack of cigs a day,not good, I know from personal experence that ppl have a tendesty to ditch a person who is obese and not even give that same person the time of day,when ur fat..ppl look straight thru you everywhere u go,believe me,I use to b a walkin shadow,no one wants a fatty for a friend,or to b seen with them…In saying that Iam am trying to point out how superficial ppl are when it comes to weight problems and how they think its better to say to someone who has a problem to “just loose some weight”…easier said than done one would think. That is untill you guys came into my life,I have never felt judged by ANYONE at Sculpt Life,only encourged and motivated…and altho my life has been on a bit of a…lets say…downward turn…I am still at my happiest when Iam involved with what Iam trying to achive at training,even tho Iam still having trouble joining in with group classes…its not cause i dont want to,I just feel that if I can get thru what life has delt me emotionally..the phycial side show b a shoe in,and lets face it,we all need a “strong mind” to get us thur a hard training session or some event we have coming up or even life for that matter…After being an over weight child,and adult most of my life its hard to find trust in most ppl. Considering the amount of ppl who have humillated me 4 being overweight for most of my life,even right up untill today walking thru the plaza…(I bourght myself new clothes btw…size 34 :) I brushed past a bunch of teenagers and bumped one of them going thur the doors near Kmart..I heard him say ..”look out fatty” ppffff at 89.5kg,from 115.5kg….the only fat was between his ears….I have a way to go before being able to trust ppl again,tho Bianca,Sammy and Sash….u guys have shown me that believing in myself is the only way there…hench the go it alone attuide…tho it is a great feeling knowing u have friends that belive in u,and what I AM going to achive!!….luv u all 4 what u have done 4 me….u all have played a big part in changing me…and saving my life…Tho most of it has only came about due to the belife in myself that I can do this..As of today I weight 89.5kg and haven’t had a smoke since the 1st of March….Think iam doin ok..Woz.

  3. Christie says:

    Hey B
    what a wonderful well written blog – you have given me that extra bit of motivation to train harder and be honest with myself and my trainer. Thankyou :)

  4. Katherine Aiono says:

    Well it’s always fun to hear about what you get up to and I love hearing about your training regime . It’s certainly demanding – and you get those results hey !!
    eating well and training well has to be the best way to improve your health . Congrats on your huge success ! Awesome work !!Both you and Sash ! xx

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