Washington, George, 1732-1799. The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources: Volume 4
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To GOVERNOR JONATHAN TRUMBULL Cambridge, November 15, 1775.

    Sir: I received your favor of the 6th Inst., in which you give a detail of Doctr. Chineys case, as it appeard before you and Council, in which nothing but the fair side of his Character appears, You may be assured Sir, that his Trial will be impartial, that no insiduous designs of his enemies will have weight, and that it will give me much pleasure to find he can acquit himself of the Crimes he is charged with: the evidences are hourly expected, on their Arrival the Trial will be no longer delayed. General Sullivan set out the 12th Inst. for Portsmouth New Hampshire. I enclose you a Copy of instructions given unto him.

    As it is now very apparent that we have nothing to depend on in the present Contest, but our own Strength, Care firmness and union; should not the same measures be adopted in yours and every other Government on the Continent? would it not be prudence to Seize on those Tories, who have been, are and that we know, will be active against us; why should persons who are preying upon the Vitals of their Country be suffered to stalk at large, whilst we know they will do us every mischief in their Power. these Sir, are points I beg to submit to your serious Consideration.

    I congratulate you on the Success of our Arms, by the surrender of St. Johns, which hope will be soon followed by the Reduction of Canada. I have the honor etc. 3

[Note:The last two paragraphs of this letter were also sent, this date, to Governor Cooke, of Rhode Island. ]

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    P. S by an express arrived from Philadelphia I received the following resolve of the Continental Congress.

    Resolved, that Doctor Church be close confined in some secure Goal in the Colony of Connecticut without the use of Pen Ink and Paper, and that no person be allowed to converse with him, except in the presence of a Magistrate or the Sherriff of the County, where he shall be confined, and in the English Language until further orders from this or a future Congress.

Charles Thomson Secy.

    By order of the Congress
John Hancock President. 4

[Note:This resolve was adopted on November 7. ]

    Sir in consequence of the above resolve I now transmit to your care Doctor Church under the Guard of Captain Israel Putnam a Sergeant and seven Men. You will please to comply in every particular with the above Resolution of Congress.