Washington, George, 1732-1799. The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources: Volume 4
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INSTRUCTIONS TO HENRY KNOX Head Quarters, Cambridge, November 16, 1775.

    You are immediately to examine into the State of the Artillery of this Army, and take an account of the Cannon, Motors, Shells, Lead and Ammunition, that are wanting. When you have done that, you are to proceed in the most expeditious Manner to New York; there apply to the President of the provisional Congress, and learn of him whether Colonel Reed did any Thing, or left any Orders respecting these Articles, and get him to procure such of them as can possibly be had there. The President, if he can, will have them immediately sent hither: If he cannot you must put them in a proper Channel for being transported to this Camp with Dispatch, before you leave New York. After you have procured as many of these Necessaries as you can there, you must go to Major General Schuyler, and get the Remainder from Ticonderoga, Crown Point, or St John's. If it should be necessary, from Quebec; if in our Hands. The Want of them is so great, that no Trouble or Expence must be spared to obtain them. I have wrote to General Schuyler, he will give every necessary assistance that they may be had and forwarded to this Place, with the utmost Dispatch. I have given you a Warrant to the Pay-Master General of the Continental Army, for a Thousand Dollars to defray the Expence attending your Journey, and

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procuring these Articles; an Account of which you are to keep and render upon your Return. 5 Endeavour to procure what Flints you can.

[Note:Knox's journal of his journey to the north is printed in the New England Histl. & Genealg. Register (July, 1876). His transportation of cannon from Ticonderoga and Crown Point, N.Y., through the woods to Cambridge, Mass., was an astonishing feat. ]