Washington, George, 1732-1799. The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources: Volume 4
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To MAJOR GENERAL PHILIP SCHUYLER Cambridge, April 3, 1776.

    Dear Sir: I this day received your favor of the 27th Ulto. with a Letter from General Arnold.

    The Enemy have quitted this Harbour last week, we have no certain account of their destination, it is generally thought

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they are gone to Hallifax. If this should prove true, it is probable they will attempt to penetrate into Canada, when the Communication by the River St Lawrence, is open.

    By a late letter I received from Congress, I have it in Command from them, to detach four Battalions into Canada, as soon as I shall be of Opinion that the safety of New York, and the eastern service will permit, of which I cannot be a proper judge, until I have a certain Account of the place where the Enemy are returned to. I have dispatched two Companies of Artillery, two 13 Inch Mortars, and Military Stores, a List of which you have inclosed, to the Army before Quebec in the last week and if I can spare the four Battalions or more, they will go from New York, to which place the greater part of the Troops are gone from hence, I shall set out to morrow and will be very happy to see you there after my arrival, if you can be spared from your present Station, which I am sensible is a very important one.

    I have no Hopes of procuring the Hard Money I gave you Expectation of, The possessors of it, are not of late accustomed to a paper Currency and keep their Gold and Silver close.

    Captain Lamb 96 is appointed second Major in the Regiment of Artillery, Commanded by Colo. Henry Knox. This promotion I thought due to his Merit and Bravery. I am etc.

[Note:Capt. John Lamb. He was later promoted to the colonelcy of the Second Continental Artillery. ]