Washington, George, 1732-1799. The writings of George Washington from the original manuscript sources: Volume 4
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To JOSIAH QUINCY New York, April 25, 1776.

    Dear Sir: Your favour of the 7th. instant, coming duly to hand, I thank you for the intelligence therein contained. It gives me pain to find, from your account, that matters are

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taking a wrong bias in the politicks of your Government. I left five regiments (upon an average as strong as any in the service) to erect such works, and in such places as should be deemed most conducive to the defence of the harbour. I did (as it was a Government 60 concern) leave the works which should be constructed for the defence of the harbour, to the adoption of the General Court, under the auspices of Colonel Gridley, whom I have been taught to view as one of the greatest Engineers of the age. If things have gone wrong, I can only express my concern, and lament that time, at so important a juncture, should be wasted, and the best mode for the defence of the harbour neglected.

[Note:That is, a concern of the State of Massachusetts. ]

    My extreme hurry will only allow me, in addition to what I have said, to thank you most cordially for your friendly wishes, and to assure you that I am, etc. 61

[Note:The text is from the Toner Transcripts in the Library of Congress. ]