Muslim board prefers counselling before divorce

August 29th, 2009
DC correspondent

Lucknow: Perturbed by the growing incidence of divorces among Muslims, the All India Muslim Personal Law Board (AIMPLB) has decided to start counselling for couples.
The Islamic Shariat courts, also known as Darul Qaza, across the country will now play the role of counsellors for estranged couples.
According to sources in the AIMPLB, the pressures of modern lifestyles have started having an impact on young married couples and the tension in their lives leads to lack of tolerance.
"The breakdown of the joint family system is a major factor since joint families often worked as shock absorbers and the presence of elders prevented deterioration in
relationships. Young couples are unable to reach a compatibility level and opt for divorce with or without provocation," said a senior member of the AIMPLB.
Maulana Khalid Rashhid Firangi Mahali, another member of the AIMPLB, said that the increase in number of divorces could not be justified either from the religious or from the social point of view.
"We have, therefore, decided that henceforth all cases of divorce that are presented before the Darul Qaza, will first be given counselling. Efforts should be made to find out the reasons for the divorce and then attempts at resolving them. Divorce should be the last option if all chances of reconciliation have been tried," he said.
The AIMPLB also plans to start a campaign to create awareness among Muslims about the ill-effects of divorce and the impact that the break up has on the concerned families and the children.
It is noteworthy that divorce in the Muslim community has registered a sudden increase in the past five years, more so, because divorce is easiest to get in Islam.


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