Begone, trailing spaces!

I read my work email with mutt on a Solaris 9 box. For a while it's been irritating me that when you attempt to cut and paste, it will include trailing spaces on each line instead of stopping at the last "real" character. Some Googling suggested this was because of the lack of the BCE attribute in my xterm-color terminfo definition. Rather than learn how to compile terminfo entries (I've done it before, but I don't want to learn again!), I took the lazier approach: copy /usr/share/terminfo/s/screen-256color-bce from a Fedora 8 box into /home/johnlev/.terminfo/s/, and start mutt with TERM and TERMINFO set appropriately. Now I can cut and paste sanely again.


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This seemed to work almost painlessly for me (after doing some searching):

% infocmp xterm-color | sed -e 's/am, km,/am, bce, km,/' > /tmp/xterm-color
% tic /tmp/xterm-color

which created ~/.terminfo/x/xterm-color for me, which is the same as the standard one, but has the bce attribute added.

Hope that's helpful to someone!


Posted by John Sellens on October 18, 2010 at 07:53 PM BST #

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