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  Technical Article

    Evaluation of Clipped-Sample Restoration Software
        Bruce E. Koenig
        Douglas S. Lacey

  Technical Note

    Three-Dimensional Laser Scanning of “Crime Scene Gum” as a
    Forensic Method Demonstrating the Creation of Virtual Tooth
    Surface Contour and Web-Based Rapid Model Fabrication
        Richard Siderits
        Jennifer Birkenstamm
        Francesca Khani
        Evita Sadamin
        Janusz Godyn

  Short Communications

    Correction: SWGDAM Recommendations to the FBI Director on the
    "Interim Plan for the Release of Information in the Event of a
    'Partial Match' at NDIS"
        Scientific Working Group on DNA Analysis Methods Ad Hoc
        Committee on Partial Matches

    Best Practices for the Installation of Closed-Circuit Television
    Recording Systems
        The Forensic Audio, Video, and Image Analysis Unit (FAVIAU) of the
        FBI's Operational Technology Division presents Best Practices for the
        Installation of CCTV Recording Systems.

    In Memoriam: Frank Samuel Baechtel

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