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Ranked Outlets

The ERA initiative will use a range of indicators and other proxies to support the evaluation of research excellence. One of these indicators is discipline-specific tiered outlet rankings.

Ranked Journal List

The ARC has released the full ERA 2010 Ranked Journal List.

Please note: The journal Nano Letters: a journal dedicated to nanoscience and nanotechnology (ERA ID 1369) was incorrectly assigned FoR 09 in the Ranked Journal List released on 9 February 2010. Its FoR is now correctly shown as MD (Multidisciplinary) in the Ranked Journal List.

For each journal, the Ranked Journal List includes:

  • Journal title
  • ISSN(s)
  • ERA ID (unique to each Journal)
  • Up to 3 Field of Research (FoR) codes
  • A single quality rating of A*, A, B or C. Journals that commenced in 2008 were considered too new to be assigned a firm quality rating so are not ranked.

A small number of additions and deletions to the 17 December Journal title list have occurred. These changes are documented in the journal title list change file.

For more information regarding the development of the Journal List visit Ranked Journal List Development.


Ranked Conference List

For some disciplines, ranked conferences will be used as an indicator. The discipline matrices detail which disciplines will use ranked conferences.

Institutions are also required to submit information about conference publications from non-listed conferences.  For more information, refer to the ERA 2010 Submission Guidelines.

The final Ranked Conference List for ERA 2010 is now available:

The Ranked Conference List includes:

  • Conference title and acronym (where relevant)
  • ERA ID – unique to each listed conference
  • Up to 3 FoRs assigned to each conference
  • A single quality rating for each listed conference of A, B, C or not ranked. Conferences that are not ranked are legitimate conferences, but may not be of consistent quality, or may be too new to be assigned a quality tier.

Please note: The A tier for conferences is equivalent to the A* and A tiers for ranked journals.

A number of changes have been made to the ranked conference list released on 17 December. These changes are documented in the conference list change file.

For more information regarding the development of the Conference List visit Ranked Conference List Development.


Review of the ERA 2010 ranked outlet lists

The ARC will review the 2010 ERA ranked journal and ranked conference lists in 2011. See Review of the ERA 2010 Ranked Outlet Lists for more details.

Content Last Modified: 29/10/10