Stop: Hacker Time!

This past Saturday, we hosted our first hackathon at General Assembly, and were totally blown away by the turnout and the resulting projects. Over 150 developers joined us from all over the NYC metro area, as well as a few other states (Kentucky!), and even Canada.

Over the course of the day, we held API refresher courses, released our hack wishlist, provided info on our Push API, and had lots of foursquare engineers on hand to answer questions and provide guidance. Attendees seemed to dig the technical workshops scheduled throughout the day – from both internal and external developers – so we’ll be sure to include more mini-tutorials at future events. At the end of the day we saw 25 pizzas consumed, over 300 cups of coffee, 15 hours of coding, and 39 awesome apps built (you can find them on our wiki). One hack emerged as the winner, according to the judges, with three runners up; all offering a mix of entertainment and utility built on top of the foursquare API. (See all the pictures here.)

So, what can you do with some of the more impressive hacks of the day?

  • Auto-generate your own infographic with Fourgraph.

  • Easily split a shared bill with friends you’ve checked in with by charging them on Venmo via

  • Create a playlist of your favorite songs and Hail to the Mayor will serenade you when you check in to a venue with their built-in jukebox functionality.

The winning hack (inspired by a suggestion left on a user forum) is The Dealio, which makes it easy to leave private messages for a friend at a venue.

Other standouts/team favorites:

  • The I-Can’t-Believe-Justin-Bieber-Didn’t-Win-Best-New-Artist-Award award goes to Agora, which mashes foursquare check-ins with your Twitter social graph to introduce you, in real-time, to people with common interests.
  • sends out a daily digest of check-ins from exactly a year ago, and took home the foursquare Time Traveler Grand Prize.™

Big thanks to Red Bull for giving the developers wings (in the form of ice cold beverages) and to TekServe for taking care of our hardware needs.

We had a great time, learned a lot, and look forward to hosting regular developer meetups on a global level. So, join our developer community, follow @foursquareAPI on Twitter, and keep your ear to the ground for info on future foursquare hackathons!

– Naveen Selvadurai, co-founder

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  • Tiffiny Sheppard-Hicks

    RT @foursquare: Stop: Hacker Time! Check out 39 new @foursquare projects that came out of our hackathon.

  • Yasser M. Khan

    Wish I was in NY to learn and participate. Guess I’ll enjoy spreading the love of foursquare here in the Middle East.

  • Brandon_Sheley

    Looks like some fun apps, thanks for posting them!

  • naveen

    one of these days soon, hackathons in other cities too!

  • Judah Richardson

    Really like Fourgraph and Agora, nice work devs!

  • Jean-Luc David

    Thanks Judah (designed Fourgraph) :)

  • Pedro Leandro

    Pretty sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  • NicoleYeary

    We would love to have one here in Chicago!

  • Etsuko Matsuzaka


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