Microbe Management

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Studies show that yogurt helps boost the immune system, and products fortified with additional probiotics, like DanActive and Yo-Plus, can help regulate digestion and prevent constipation. When buying yogurt, look for labels that specify live cultures. Greek yogurt typically contains more bacteria than standard varieties because it’s more concentrated.
Tips: High temperatures destroy probiotics, so enjoy Greek yogurt cold with honey and granola. Or make a dip for chips or veggies by combining yogurt with chopped spinach, curry powder, and garlic salt.


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  1. Patrick Ouzts Says:

    I have ulcerative colitis. It is a nasty disease where bacteria in my colon break down my colon lining instead of the food. Nasty. I have been able to keep the disease at bay through probiotics. A DanActive a day has truly kept the doctor away. Though I was prescribed an expensive pill regiment that had awful side-effects, I don’t take any of them because the pribiotics have been doing the trick. Great info.


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