Monday, 14 February 2011

It's Valiant Time

As we sit in the luster of dusty pink and cherrybomb red today, it can be no other commodified time but that of Valentine's Day. Loyalist readers will recall here at The Swoon Project, it's now time to do away with an infrastructure of pay as you go, one day a year wooing, but take this time to not leave your loves lingering - step to the plate, be valiant!

'Tis the time to ride the noble steed, fight for what you care for, and with gold crest on purple heart slay the dragon and free the lass.

Of course no stepping to the plate declaration could be complete without a swoon. guidelines to submit a swoon are here.

And just in case you think TSP is the one rebelling against love, heart sugar shots that read "Be Mine", and cushy bears full of bleached cotton - it hasn't always been all silk roses and chocolate candies: NPR's The Dark Origins Of Valentine's Day

happy v-day y'all.

big love,

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Documented Proof: God Bless Friendster

Louis & Mark in the New York Times

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Flirting In Fiction: To Love Anyone You Must First Love Yourself

Directed By Solve Sundsbo
Music By Owen Pallett
for The New York Times

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Documented Proof: James & Coco

Photo by, Patrick Demarchelier for American Vogue, February 2011

From via Vogue Magazine

Coco Rocha & James Conran

Three years ago, the Titian-haired model hired the interior decorator and muralist to renovate her Gramercy Park apartment. No New York-based newlyweds, they've been inseparable since their fairytale ceremony in France's Loire Valley last June.

read the full article in American Vogue, February 2011

Coco's correction:

One thing I would like to clear up for the record: the article mentioned that I was taking James to see a concert “for Valentines day” - actually this wasn’t correct. We do not celebrate Valentines day but we do celebrate our anniversary on the 9th of every month!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Documented Proof: The Amoret Declares, Joyeux Anniversaire

The amazing Alysia Angel's What I Do When You're Not Looking continued writing, loving & performing by testifying a ten year marker recently. After a decade of drooling for one another, dancing, depending, debauchery, and decadence, few could ask for a better example of the good stuff.
A Decade With You Is Diamonds (Joyeux Anniversaire) By, Alysia Angel

I open my photobooth to use it as a mirror to check my lipstick and I find you there, ancient eyes and secret keeping lock of a mouth. You are such a sneaky cuss, marking your territory with your scent.

How many indolent summers in grassy idle can we have? How many strawberry smeared faces can we point to the sun? How many romance novels can we fill our libraries with, all about us, all about you?

I look at this face of yours, like an angel you wish would go fuck itself. I look at your alabaster coating, your luminous marble eyes and your doll mouth. I think you think the creator goddess life giver paid you some funny joke giving you such a sweet face to wrap around such intensity, poise and razor wit. I think of you scrunching your sweet lips at your sweet face and wondering why you weren't born in the shape of a straight razor, because honey you are so honed.

You are a better writer than me, with your long and sprawling pieces that make the rest of us look like hacks. You are smarter than me with your load of classes like boulders on your delicate clavicle. You are funnier than me with your mouth full of bloody attack tacks. You are prettier than me with your glossy pelt and swishing tail. You are perfect for me with your psychic forehead and your sleek fingers.

These ten years I have watched you grow, me grow, us grow in the same blackberry patch. We are thorny and entangled and worth the trouble. (read the rest on on Alysia's Blog....)

Thank you for permitting us to swoon Alysia, you are a beaute in every way.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Documented Proof: Ok, Sold.

Tom & Richard
Photo Credit Tom Ford, Excerpted from Out Magazine

Tom on Richard: He was adorable, and he was a complete fool. He was sort of dancing around, flashing his eyes at me, and trying so hard to be charming. I decided in that elevator ride that I was going to marry him. I’m very pragmatic, and I was, like, OK, there’s some kind of connection here. He ticked every box, and -- boom -- by the time we got to the floor, I was like, OK, sold. He seemed so together. He was so handsome, he was so connected, he was so grown-up, so he was very intimidating. And he really chased me -- not that he had to chase that hard. It excited me but it also scared me, because I knew he was different and that whatever it was I felt with him was very different from what I’d felt before....

...we say it to each other every night before we go to sleep, and we say it at the end of every telephone conversation, and we write it at the end of every e-mail. Every time you think, I love you, I really believe you have to say it. If you think about holding their hand or kissing them, you do it. I do it all the time....

One of the things that always amuses me -- amuses isn’t even the right word, because it doesn’t amuse me -- but often, I’m at dinner parties with very close friends, straight, and they realize that Richard and I have been together 24 years, and the response is often, “Wow, you guys have been together 24 years! That’s so amazing. I don’t think of gay men being together that long.” And I’m, like, “Why? What are you talking about?” Some of the longest relationships I know of are same-sex couples. A lot of my straight friends have married and divorced and married and divorced in the time Richard and I have been together. I think that preconception, from even very educated liberal friends, that being gay is possibly more sex-based than emotionally based, is surprising and shocking in today’s world. I’m someone who likes being part of a couple and always wanted that and always sought that, and it would probably be true for me whether I was gay or straight. Richard and I are bound together, and I think that’s what that recognition is when you look someone in the eyes and you feel like you’ve known them forever. It is a kind of coming home.

Saturday, 1 January 2011

The Great Date: Alone In The Snow

photo courtesy of sandra le

Being Cyprian, Petra failed to understand why everyone in Britain never remembered days of sun or weeks of snow. Of course every city had it's changes, but whether Coventry or Londontown it seemed everyone saw nothing but grey. Every time the sun shined or snow stuck to her bike tred she texted Louise - "told ya so."
(they meet)

Petra leaned outside a crowded club, nonchalance perfected, all that was missing was a fag in her hand. Her confidence alone with no excuse in a place where everyone tried to be seen caught Louise's attention. Louise wasn't meant to be looking, she wasn't meant to be not looking. Her facebook status - it's complicated.

"Like a fag."
"Don't smoke." Petra replied.
"Really?" Louise spoke not disclosing a single fumble of her chat up.
"Absolute fact"
"Waiting for someone?" Louise try two.
"Like a fag?"

Cheeky. Louise was hooked. Like a schoolyard dance offer on pause, Louise looked away, fumbled thumbs, checked her hair as if she wasn't trying to muster the courage to look back into Petra's ice blue eyes. Inching up from a gut need to connect with this girl slowly Louise's chin rose only to find Petra was there, right before her, so close it was blurry.

"Like you."

And suddenly it was almost inappropriate to look, as why should anyone worry about eye contact when on sensory overload snogging the girl of your dreams.

(the break)

It had been months since Petra had been in touch. They'd broken up in one of those evolved perfect ways where hugs were mandatory, a kiss a kudo, so much so that when she arrived home after leaving the woman she loved the tears that came felt guilty. It shouldn't have hurt that bad if they we're still friends right?

The text the other day was timeless, as if less could be an amount of days, for instance 94, since the last one. The flutter irrefutable, equal quality to their first dance through to last night together. Petra had really never left or amended existence when it came to Louise's emotion; nothing else was this.

I TOLD YA SO... IT'S SNOWING. I'M IN THE HEATH. HOP A SLEDGE TIL SUNSET WITH ME? Petra's long awaited, never expected text read on the fine line of classically arrogant and completely adorable only Petra mastered. Louise's reply: OK.

How long would it take Louise to make it the mile from Kentish Town over nothing but ice blocks under slush for miles? If only Louise had bought those (impulse buy, irrelevant) snowboots. Fucking London, the snow always comes back, like Petra, real stuck on the ground, here for weeks style, snowpeople holding hands, igloo estate snuggle housing snow.

It took ages to reach the Heath. This was all wrong, this isn't Love Actually, this is a silly girl running after a fit bird who for this whole year, inclusive of the past 94 days, has been the only one. Petra was supposed to be a one night stand and nothing more. Why did it have to snow? It never snows in London.

This was the place where through winter, spring to summer Louise fell for Petra, her innocence matched with an excessive penchant for vulgarity. They hiked tall grass towards the North, made out under Kenwood House trellises, had starry nights with wine at the top of parliament hill. Together most every patch had been rolled over, stepped on, run through, there could be no refusal that it wasn't apt to be here however sudden, however imperfectly right, sweaty, nervous now. Like she knew where she was going, Louise slushed up hill concentrating on her steps careful not to fall.

Turning at the tumulus, feeling the energy shift, Louise stopped looking to the middle bench, their spot, the place that held their confessions that may have hurt other lovers ears to hear. There it stood, Louise's only guess, empty. Louise was wrong about Petra again, a fools game...

Now the hunt was to truly begin. Everywhere after this would be a good guess, but Louise couldn't deny the heart fluttering warmth this entire journey was bringing her, just her alone in the snow.

Believing she had an hour before sunset, Louise took a deep breath in moving onwards. Maybe it wasn't time after all. But the place was magic, for her and Petra together as much as individually. Her heart was somewhere in this Heath and she would find it......

Thursday, 30 December 2010

Quick Glance: Campbell & Caroline

campbell & caroline @ stay gold, san francisco
stroke of midnight New Year's Eve 1/1/10, together 10 months
photo by amos mac

"We got to do it right!!!" - campbell
"Just feeling... so into it.... loving..." - caroline

("i never knew the picture was taken until i was tagged via the magic of facebook." - caroline)

Monday, 6 December 2010

Flirting In Fiction: The Bus was late and the rest is history

You can have it all, just let me be by your side....

The Swoon Project's compadres Copson St. posted the following as "THE MOST MOVING VIDEO FOR A TUNE I'VE EVER SEEN IN A LONG TIME!" TSP agrees.

You can view P1 of the short film Spike Jonze's "I'm Here" this is abridged from here.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Flirting In Fiction: Teenage Dreams Do Come True

Now this is a swoon....

Courtesy of Glee, sung by Darren Criss

Wednesday, 4 August 2010


Marriage For All In California. YeeHaw!

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Irish Eyes Are Smiling

"Never frown cuz you never know when someone is falling in love with your smile" - Jedward

Monday, 7 June 2010

Documented Proof: Back Flips & Bended Knees

Location: Madison Square Park, NYC
I love you, a good shake, and unicyclists....

Monday, 17 May 2010

Documented Proof: Surface To Say

The amazing and talented Juliana Luecking has been documenting for years but one truth in a moment. Back in '06, lovely, powerful Madigan made a statement of great seismic fact not to be forgotten in any era.

Dare for truth swooners.

For more truths - visit Queen Juliana's YouTube page & for more Madigan listen

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Flirting In Fiction: Such Tweet Sorrow

Damn thee Capulet's only by Twitter's tongue. Let Love Rule!

With an entire summer ahead of Romeo & Juliet at Royal Shakespeare Company's Courtyard Theatre, the cast have chosen to take these sun spot days for a bit of a twitter redoux of Shakespeare's most famous lovers (and their bffs, handmaidens, and gossip queens.) At present, @mercuteio is heartbroken - not to mention he's been blocked from romeo's feed. Indulge and follow along here,

Thursday, 11 March 2010

Tools Of Endearment: Over The Boarderline

London plays home to a myriad of ways in which to woo and swoon. As a major global metropolis, you can of course speed date, blind date, uniform date, j-date, pub pull, await your Bridget Jones moment on Tower Bridge, whatever you desire.
Few woo ways are as appealing as Smash & Grab's Board Of Love though. Put up and on by those dollfaces Queens Of Noize and gorg Sally Sexface, Smash & Grab is a weekly Thursday shindig at Proud Gallery in Camden. Find intrigue across the stables, post it for possibility. Taking all that one step further, helping keep the swoon of it all immortal the girls have set up a personals blog and facebook page from the now infamous board - both of which should be logged into favourites ASAP. I mean....
I've always been a sucker for woo without weight, hanky code or flying solo to a club night, schmoozing for a smooch without friends opinions or a spotlight is definitely the way to go. Which makes the anonymity of S&G's Board Of Love all the more alluring. Takes me back to nights in Los Angeles at Gauntlet/Eagle where we had a cupid hand "never dead" paper flowers to folks secret santa style for valentine's day. Or the homo holla board once where everyone wore a number and you got to post up to your numerical fancy at your leisure - always welcome to state your status as the number 16 minx or similar. Yes, I hope the ladies make it the indiepop mysinglefriend or what have you, but in the interim become a fan of board love.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

1 Year Old!!!!!!!

The Swoon Project is 1 year old!!!!

Truly hope y'all have enjoyed this year of swooning as much as I. It's been an absolute pleasure sharing the love. Thank you all for making these 365 so lovely (literally.)

In celebration I'll be posting & tweeting (@theswoonproject) some of the best Swoons of the last year. Post your favorites as well on the new facebook fan page where you may join discussions and indulge in the art of letting love rule. Of course you can make year two even better by submitting, sharing, and remembering it's momentary, or forever but a feather tickle of woo can be as wonderful as the soulmate shudder.

Big Love,

Friday, 26 February 2010

We Even Finish Each Other's Sentences: Ari & Trent

Name: Ari
Partner: Trent
Time together: Not enough
Status: Best friends, partners in crime, soul mates
Location: Too far apart

1. We're obviously together because we both: make a fierce power couple
2. This one time it was like there was no one else: just him and I, on a busy corner in downtown L.A. with time standing still as he spun me around
3. Long after we're gone people will say: they were definitely "that" couple
4. Never in my life did I imagine: I'd find someone who could (and wants) to put up with me for so long
5. Those two again? When will they stop: communicating telepathically and finishing eachother's sentences?!
6. Nothings better then: getting to wedge into him and curl up with his arm as my pillow on the nights we get to spend together
7. It started with a text...and the rest is history.

Name: Trent
Partner: Ariel
Time together: 8 Months
Status: Unit, lovers, Best friends, Sweethearts
Location: SoCal

1. We're obviously together because we both only make sense to each other haha
2. This one time it was like there was no one else around during our first kiss.
3. Long after we're gone people will say how we are that adorable couple.
4. Never in my life did I imagine that I would find someone just as passionate, if not more, as myself
5. Those two again? When will they stop knowing what the other is thinking.
6. Nothings better than falling into a warm bed with sheets crumpling and legs tangling.
7. It all started with a good morning... and the rest is history.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Documented Proof: Pinkee & Pony

With Dia De Los Muertos I Dos and DIYing the whole affair, Pinkee & Pony's wedding was a gathering and blessing of friends, both in the house and other worlds. Long live ancestry, spirit worlds, queer love, and celebration.

Originally featured on the amazing blog Off Beat Bride:

The Offbeat Bride: Pinkee, video marketing
Her Offbeat Partner: Pony, manager of adult store
Location & date of wedding: Forest Lawn Cemetery/Rec Center Studio, Los Angeles, CA — 11/01/09

What made our wedding offbeat: Firstly, we planned the whole thing ourselves. We utilized our amazing group of talented friends for photography, DJing skills, coordinating abilities, and helping hands to help us hang lights and set up tables the morning of. Our tribe pulled through for us and made it spectacular, and we couldn't be more grateful.
Secondly, neither of us had ever even BEEN to a wedding in our adult lives. I think this is really what gave us the freedom to play with the "tradition" element, as neither of us really knew what that meant. To us, the most important thing about our wedding was making it distinctly, unmistakably and uniquely OUR OWN. Looking back at it, I think it was a complete success.
Our ceremony was in a chapel on the grounds of a cemetery, a la Dia De Los Muertos.

We nixed the sit down dinner for a taco stand vending vegan and non-vegan street tacos. The alcohol flowed freely, and people DANCED. Everyone was dressed to the nines, looked beautiful, ate cupcakes. To round out the evening, we had Aztec dancers come in as a tribute to Pony's heritage and in honor of the Day of The Dead.

Afterwards, all we heard from our friends was how much FUN they'd had, how it had been perfect for who were are as a couple and SO unlike what they'd come to expect from weddings, with all the fun and none of the stuffiness.

Tell us about your ceremony: In the spirit of Dia De Los Muertos, inspired by the chapel on Olvera St., as guests filtered into the ceremony venue and took a program, we asked them to approach the altar where we had about fifty pillar votives set up. They then one by one lit one of the candles we had set up there in the memory of someone who had passed on.

What were the most meaningful moments of your wedding?: What was really amazing about the way it turned out was that we didn't plan any of the "wedding moments," they just kind of happened organically.

For instance, the father/daughter dance, which seemed kind of hokey in theory, just happened at one point in the night and nobody planned it or forced it to happen, and it was really special. Instead of throwing a bouquet, we decided to toast to our friends, Walter and Paul, a couple who have been together for over thirty years. From before being married was even an option. They've loved each other for more than each of our lifetimes, and when we recognized the incredible power of that relationship, nobody of the four of us could keep from crying.

Check out more of their wedding factoids & flickr here:

Monday, 15 February 2010

Documented Proof: Dear Michael Jackson, I love that you're a popstar.

from Time Magazine Online.

A class of first graders at PS- 199 in Midwood, Brooklyn, New York face the daunting task of answering "Can Someone Love You Too Much?" and "What Is The Best Way To Right A Valentine?" With only glue sticks, construction paper, crayons, and their vocabulary, they unanimously decide computer's and email make better Valentine's. Hopefully Time will ask them again in 10 years.

Monday, 8 February 2010

Tools Of Endearment: Coo Of Ethics

Ummmm, can I sleep on it?

Childlike flashbacks of pillow make-outs prepping for the real thing? Feeling morning shame thanks to a spot which suddenly decided to lay crater on your face? Blush behind it. Up til 6am waiting for someone to make the first move? Pillow fight.

It's red white and overly cute, but it's also from used, now re-used other people's trash....

Pick your protest point, hold true to it, and wooing exactly how you want can be an arduous feet. However, the amazing Chloe Jo - who's swooned with us before, runs Girlie Girl Army - a must newsletter for world over ethical fashionistas particularly New Yorkers. Get linked up accordingly to buy this Alexandra Ferguson Pillow on Etsy - each made from 100 percent post consumer recycled felt (aka approximately 4 bottles that would have otherwise ended up in a landfill)--- and much more....

Not every perfect valentine's day gift has to over-compensate a comfortable in between of commitment.

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Tools Of Endearment: Right In da Kisser

Ben Branagan's incomplete and irregular archive of activity at present offer the best craft project forward since Martha Stewart's moustache masquerade. This pucker project shows off the commitment of a kiss, in it's ugliest and most passionate form. Whoever said kissing was attractive isn't doing it for the right reasons.

Make a pucker. Take a photo from a side angle. Print it. Cut around the face. Place on blank sheet of paper. Xerox. Send.

For LDLs (Long Distance Loves) add it to your next woo woven care package. Showing the vulnerability to say, "Hey Sweetheart, this fishface is for you." may give that carnival prize panda she's been cuddling at night a new face.

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Valiant Time

Tis the time of year when an influx of emotions come around for so many. Whether perpetuated by the greeting card industry, or an actual saint, by socialization default many of us become keenly aware of where love, like, and lust are appearing on our barometer.

Never one to join the fold, my Purim costume makes up for the fact that rarely do I engage in more than a wig on Halloween. Any other day no problem, just give me a theme. The same applies to Valentine's day - I like some of the garb, but joining in the fray of adoration to special ones on the day it's impossible to get a reservation at a romantic restaurant seems hum drum at best. However, this year I've decided to think of the Valiant honor of the time, the joy of telling that special someone with standing on the cafeteria table pride that you like what they're putting down.

So if we swooners can offer one thing this Valentine's Day, it's not necessarily go big, but go Valiant. 'Tis the time to ride the noble steed, fight for what you care for, and with gold crest on purple heart slay the dragon and free the lass.

happy v-day y'all.

big love,

P.S. For those unable to craft swords from foil nor trotter from cardboard, more tools of endearment will be coming en route to the 14th.

Sunday, 31 January 2010

Flirting In Fiction: Obselidia

From Sundance 2010, Obselidia....

Some people say love is obsolete but they are wrong. Love is what makes everything in the universe possible.... I think, if one person loves something enough it can never be obsolete.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010

The Great Date: The Little Things

Rohner had asked his best mate's PA out for an entire 6 months before Allyn finally said yes. She said she'd try it, so long as he'd stop asking. Since that fateful first date, Allyn has asked Rohner on one hundred seventy-six dates, after all - if nothing else - she is a lady of her word.
Today, date one hundred seventy-seven, Allyn would walk Rohner past commodity and trend breeding grounds to explore magical doors the size of a thumbnail and illusion after optical illusion. Approaching Selfridges, Allyn stopped before a window exclaiming the joys of wearing 23 colours at once. Closing Rohner's eyes with a gentle press from her mittened hands, she took a friendship bracelet of 23 apropos shades, and tied it 'round his wrist. "This," she said, "is because you are my best friend."
Strolling to the next, Allyn stopped Rohner with a kiss placing a headphone earbud around his lobe it's other half on hers. Simple waltz worthy guitar strums began the track, Allyn leaned in whispertwinning the sweet sounds of Charlotte Gainsbourg's "Me & Jane Doe" into Rohner's ear. If a song were a person, this song would be her, and like her this song would be for him.
Strolling closer to the entrance, with sweaty palms she thumbpressed a wrinkled bit of folded notepaper into her life and love lines. She silenced Rohners steps, thudding her hand to his heart with a stop worthy slap. She was shaky now, blissfully shaky with tears of overwhelming intoxication of one hundred seventy-seventh date happiness. Eyes that Allyn had flirted glances in for 2 years sent silly nervy fear up her spine. Taking her hand back from his heart, the weathered notepaper fell to the ground. Picking it up, unfolding it and reaching out for Allyn's hand to hold in comfort Rohner read "I would have said yes 3 months earlier." That was her truth she'd always wanted to be humble enough to admit to him. For Rohner, still not far enough away to not remember how long he'd begged for her attention, this was met with a smile cross his face. Underneath the hundred year old archway of Selfridges in the middle of Oxford Street Rohner and Allyn kissed. Sure there were rings for both of them tucked into hidden doll house doors at The Museum Of Small Things - their date destination The Little Things windows only teased. And sure both were noted commitment phobes. But like a Meredyth and McDreamy post-it, sometimes les petites choses are all that's needed.

When romance strikes bright yellow may not always come to mind, especially when set in the rat race hell of Oxford Street in London. Of course for a short bit, a small thing around all those places may be just what the doctor ordered. Selfridge's Museum Of Small Things is open from now until 7 March, 2010 featuring over 20 artists including Grayson Perry, James Braithwaite, Gonkan, Paul Bower, and Shaun Leane. Check out more from The Little Things windows here.