Accomplished Renegades: Jason Sudeikis

Fri, Feb 25, 2011

Accomplished Renegades

Photo by Peter Yang

The longtime Saturday Night Live funnyman talks about his art off the stage.

Interview by Martin Mulkeen

Even while filming Hall Pass and this summer’s Horrible Bosses, Sudeikis found time for a new hobby. Now in his eighth season of SNL, he’s become the cast’s unofficial photographer.

I run around like a dummy with the camera before and during the show. It takes me out of my head. The best subject is Fred Armisen. He has such an expressive face.

I have two Canons, an SD1400 and a 7D, and a Ricoh GXR. Learning to turn off the green light on my GXR was a big thing. I’d be at karaoke, and when the green light came on people would pose. I’m like, “You were just singing that Elton John song with all your heart!” The light was kryptonite.

My coffee table–book idea is to have a picture I take of a group of people, like at a party, on one page and on the other side a shot of people looking at the picture I just took. So you’d have one posed and one candid.

I love photography, but my true passion is dance. Those moves on the SNL “What Up With That?” sketch come from watching Kid ‘N Play’s House Party a lot of times as a kid. I’ve been doing those same moves for 20 years now. It’s the only cardio I get.

Hall Pass is now playing in theaters. Here’s a preview:
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