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This Week in iPhone and iPad News – April 2/2010

iPhone App Developed To Control NASA Robot Want to drive a NASA robot on Mars? There’s an app for that. Star Wars Cantina: Your Own Wretched Hive of Scum and Villainy, In Your iPhone Coming soon to an iPhone near you, “Star Wars Cantina”, a Diner Dash-like game set in the Star Wars universe. How [...]

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This Week in iPhone & iPad News – March 26/2010

Wikipedia Gets Pretty with Articles iPhone App Take a look at some of the interesting features in a new Wikipedia app for the iPhone. iPad Developers Code Their Apps in the Dark While Apple says that iPad applications can be submitted next week to coincide with opening of the iPad App Store, most iPad developers [...]

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This Week in iPhone & iPad News – March 19/2010

GDC 2010: The Best of Both Worlds: Using UIKit with OpenGL Slides from Noel Llopis’ session at GDC this year are now available. How to Make Your Own iPhone RFID Reader iPhone/iPad Developer Events (Google account required) API enables developers to register multiple apps to Medialytics at once Medialet’s has been busy upgrading their analytics [...]

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This Week in iPhone & iPad News – March 12/2010

News from GDC this week: GDC 2010: Ngmoco justifies the freemium model Is Ngmoco alienating fans of some of their favorite games because of the continued use of the “freemium” business model? GDC 2010: Street Fighter 4 for iPhone Out Now Some say you can’t experience Street Fighter 4 on a touch-screen device. I think [...]

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This Week in iPhone & iPad News – March 5/2010

The big story this week: Apple filed a patent lawsuit against HTC. Some of the coverage includes: Engadget’s Apple sues HTC for infringing 20 iPhone patents The Register’s Apple turns the flamethrower on Android Wil Shipley’s Open Letter to Steve Jobs This week’s yanked from the store apps include: WiFi Detectors Other news: Virgin America [...]

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This Week in iPhone & iPad News – February 26/2010

The big news this week is, of course, Apple’s banning of 5000 sexy apps. For a cross-section of the reaction, see: Henry Blodget’s Apple’s Absurd Double-Standard: Boobs, Skin, And Sex Apps Are Fine When Big Media Makes Them MG Siegler’s Apple, There’s Pornography On My iPhone. The App Is Called Safari. You Made It. John [...]

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This Week in iPhone & iPad News – February 19/2010

Apple Bans Jailbreakers from the App Store Evidence Apple is banning high profile advocates of jail broken iPhone software. Inside Apple’s iPad: Multitasking Apple’s options/alternatives for multi-tasking on the iPad Apple Boots Sex Apps From iPhone App Store Apple Doubles 3G App Download Limit to 20MB Ahead of iPad Launch Previously 3G application downloads were [...]

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This Week in iPhone News – February 12/2010

Apple To Prohibit Location-Based Ads? A notification from Apple has been received by some developers stating that they are only to use GPS data to provide “benefitial information.” This means that if your application uses the GPS primarily to enable mobile advertising, your application will be denied from the App Store. Apple Now Lets You [...]

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This Week In iPhone & iPad News – February 5/2010

How should an iPad app differ from an iPhone app? VentureBeat piece on flirting/dating app maker Skout is adapting their app All about EPUB, the ebook standard for Apple’s iBookstore Objective-C client library for TweetPhoto API While other Twitter image posting providers provide REST APIs, TweetPhoto has made a native Obj-C client library available. The [...]

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This Week In iPad News

When we started putting together this week’s This Week column the iPad news overshadowed everything else. So we’ve decided to dedicate this week’s column to noteworthy iPad items. As promised, Apple released an updated SDK, along with an iPad simulator, HIG, sample applications, programming guide and documentation on producing universal applications. iPad Big Picture John [...]

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