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The Buddhist This blog explores the world and ourselves through the eyes of Buddhism. (8/3/05)
Meditation Q&A Master Zenmar answers questions about where Dark Zen came from and about the nature of meditation. (3/17/04)
Richard Baker and the Myth of the Zen Roshi By Stuart Lachs
A case study of Zen students and the Roshi.
PDF version

Free Download: Download the Manual of Dark Zen Meditation in Spanish in PDF format.

Editorial Comment: Modern Buddhism: sacred or profane?
Zenmar ask "What is the product which Shambhala Sun and Tricycle are trying to sell?".

New: The Basis of Dark Zen An Interview with Dark Zen that discusses where Dark Zen came from.

Means of Authorization: Establishing Hierarchy in Ch'an/Zen Buddhism in America By Stuart Lachs.

Zen in the West: A Critical Review of the International Zen Association By Ralf Halfmann

Sanbo Kyodan Zen: The Heritage of Western Zen.
By Zenmar

Zen Holy War? A book review of 'Zen at War' by Josh Baran. This is the full article that Tricycle Magazine only published a part of.

Coming Down from the Zen Clouds   A Critique of the Current State of American Zen by Stuart Lachs. A very clear and detailed report.

Dark Zen Motto

Directly pointing to our true nature
Seeing the ultimate basis of things
Thus actualizing Buddhahood,
This is the dark transmission outside
The confusion of scriptural exegesis.

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