Still bored? Read these links – 3/4/2011

We here at Bored Lawyers know we can’t possibly fill all your internet entertainment needs on our own, so each day we will provide links to some of the best writing on the web. If you are a commuter, we highly recommend¬†Instapaper, a program that allows you to read web articles without an active internet connection.

Jeopardy Champion Ken Jennings just took a ton of fan questions over on Reddit. Believe it or not, hilarity ensued. He should have challenged that supercomputer to battle rap. (Reddit)

An excellent profile of a blind guy who has become so good at interrupting echoes, he can successfully bike in traffic, among other amazing feats. (Men’s Journal)

For those of you who want to understand the legal issues in the event of an NFL lockout, here is a good up-to-date summary. A relative is going to eventually ask you what’s up with the situation, this guide will help you fake it. (CNNSI)

Yet another reason to hate the fact you are no longer in college – they now teach classes on how to become a baseball GM. (The Postgame)

A look at a group of scientists who started from scratch to completely audit the concept of global warming. (The Guardian)

Finally, something you might have scene before, but it’s worth checking out again. This coloring book for lawyers is the perfect thing to keep you entertained until nap time. (Office Spam via the hilarious Lt Winslow)

Have a great weekend everybody, thanks for reading this week.

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