Heal Yourself With Energy Healing

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Energy Healing

The root of all sickness is disease (dis-ease). Our ancient wisdom teaches us that our health is controlled, regulated and optimised by a complex system of energy channels. The ancients called the energy that flows through these channels “Qi” (Pronounced “Chee”).

The movement and flow of energy through our meridians is what keeps us healthy, happy, young and vibrant.

One way of looking at this energy is much like water. The way water that flows through a garden hose. Any blockages or interfering knots or twists, will prevent the water from flowing smoothly. As a result, the hose cannot function properly and your garden can not flourish. Another example is that channels or meridians work a lot like rivers and streams. A blockage in the river will cause overflowing and flooding in one section of the surrounding landscape while other sections will experience a drought. Only once the blokage is removed does the river continue to irrigate the crops and surrounding wilderness with the precise balance of water required.

There are many ancient healing techniques that can fully restore health. Over 5000 years of wisdom has taught us that some very simple exercises that anyone can learn, has the power to heal many serious health conditions and compliment many facets of your life. At NewHealthChoice.com we focus specifically on the healing techniques that have been proven through thousand of studies and clinical trials. We also offer experimental and cutting edge electronic medicine – however, it’s important to remember that the most powerful healing methods are often the simplest.

New health choice healing techniques:

-1. Yoga, Tai Chi, Qigong.

-2. Hypnotherapy.

-3. Electronic Medicine.

-4. Education.

Every function in the body is linked to an energy channel that is connected to a web of other channels. This web, and the energy that flows through it, is directly connected to another system of webs which exist all around you at all times. In other words, you are directly connected to the earth that you walk on and the entire universe as well. Everything in this universe and on this planet and within your body, mind and consciousness is connected to this web that is much greater than us.