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Why Did I Create This FREE DVD?

Because, quite frankly, I just want to help. I know how hard it is to create a successful online presence from scratch, let alone run a business at the same time!

I wish I had known 3 years ago what I know now about Online Marketing!
It surely would have saved me a lot of money, frustration and wasted time, but I didn't know that I could drive traffic to my website and create leads for virtually free!

If you're spending money every month for lead generation or SEO services, or if you’re struggling on your own to generate traffic for your website and losing valuable time that you should be spending on other things in your life, or you just want to start an online business so you can spend more time with your family, or you’re even just looking for a source of supplemental income that having a low-cost online business can provide…
Then keep reading... because you're about to find a solution!

Why Keywoard Selection
MUST Be Done BEFORE Anything Else?

Keywords are the only link between your website and web surfers. And they must be used properly in every part of your online presence in order to attract new customers.  Keywords should be used in your domain name, your webpage HTML code, and the content on your website itself.  You literally shouldn’t even come up with a website name or slogan before you choose your keywords!

But before you can start using your keywords you must find those that have the most profit potential for your business.  You cannot even consider building a website before you know  that you have the best keywords because they are used literally on every part of every page.

Whether or not you already have a website and/or business, or neither, you can learn the exact steps to research, evaluate and choose a profitable keyword list!


 What Keyword Research Secrets Will You Discover

Claim Your Free Keyword Selection DVD Now SECRET #1:
How to Compile a Keyword, or Keyword Phrase, List
  • How to start a list from scratch without any knowledge of keywords or how they work
  • Find the best person to talk to when choosing keywords for your business
  • What 2 FREE tools to use for finding unthought-of variations of words and phrases
  • How many words you should have in your keyword phrase – 1..2..3…..5 or more?
  • Why you should not be the only person choosing your keywords
Free Keyword Selection DVD SECRET #2:
How to Evaluate Keyword Competition
  • How to extract vital keyword competition data from a common Google search
  • What factors go into determining if your keywords will be profitable
  • How much competition is too much
  • How to evaluate your competition without even spending a $1
Claim Your Free Keyword Selection DVD Now SECRET #3:
How to Determine if the Keyword Search Volume is Enough
  • How many searches you need to be profitable
  • How to quickly determine how many times your keyword phrases are being searched
  • Why your entire marketing campaign depends on this
  • What the easiest and best FREE tool is to use for your research
Free Keyword Selection DVD SECRET #4:
How to Rank Your Keyword Phrases for Profitability
  • How this 2 minute process will make the difference between immediate traffic and none at all
  • How many keyword phrases you should target
  • How to remain completely objective and separate the ‘winners’ from the ‘losers’
Free Keyword Selection DVD SECRET #5:
The Logic Test and Consumer Motivation
  • How you can have great keywords, but they still may not work for your business
  • What questions you need to ask yourself about every keyword phrase
  • How you can get lots of traffic and still fail miserably
Claim Your Free Keyword Selection DVD Now SECRET #6:
Gurantee that Your Keywords With Convert
  • Save yourself thousands of dollars and months in the quagmire by doing just this one thing
  • How to setup this “test” and how much you should spend
  • Why you can’t afford not to do it
Free Keyword Selection DVD SECRET #7:
How to Put Your Keyword Research to Work!!
  • Where your keywords should be used
  • How often you should use them on your website
  • How you can ‘over-use’ your keywords to your detriment
  • What will happen if you do all of this right!

…and many, many more well-guarded secrets
for finding a profitable keywords for your business!


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