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Often used interchangably, whether referred to as admiralty law or maritime law, it is the branch of law that governs the legal affairs between ship owners, crew members, passengers and cargo on the high seas and other navigable waters. Maritime law also applies to longshoremen, construction and other workers who provide support to ships while in anchorage as well as victims of maritime air accidents.


Among the laws applicable to offshore injures are:

  • Jones Act –a U. S. law that provides benefits to workers who are injured on sea going vessels on navigable waters and offshore oilrigs, which can be towed.  Jones Act claims are made against a seaman’s employer and arise from vessel owner or crew negligence.
  • Unseaworthy Vessel – Claims in this category are filed against the owner of a vessel when unsafe conditions exist on a ship or sea vessel, which may be related to unsafe equipment, safety gear, untrained crew or failure exercise safety standards.
  • Death on the High Seas Act (DOHSA) – Applies to any wrongful death incident that occurs on the high seas.
  • Admiralty Act – When United States government vessels, such as the U. S. Coast Guard, Corps of Engineers are involved in an accident or in situations that involve government owned lock and dam operations.
  • Public Vessels Act – is a law that applies, when a U. S. public vessel causes damage.
    Unlike other personal injury accidents, which fall within the bounds of state laws, offshore injuries that occur on a wide array of sea-going vessels and oilrig platforms are strictly governed by federal and international laws.


Injured employees whose rights are protected under various maritime and admiralty laws include merchant seamen, officers, fishermen, harbor pilots, barge pilots, helicopter pilots, technicians, offshore construction workers and crane operators and roustabouts to name a few examples.

When you are injured in an offshore accident, if negligence is a factor, you may be able to recover damages. The law that applies to your injury will depend on your occupation, your employer and the type of vessel on which you were injured. An attorney experienced in maritime and admiralty laws is essential to determine the cause of your accident, responsible parties, and to protect your legal rights.


At the law firm of Smith Stag LLC located in New Orleans, we offer legal services related to maritime accidents, offshore injuries and wrongful death, occurring on vessels navigating the high seas, inland waterways such as channels and rivers and in international waters. Our attorneys combine in-depth understanding of U. S. and international maritime law with litigation expertise to obtain recovery of damages for our clients.


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