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 New reference reveals facts about Australian farming 

New reference reveals facts about Australian farming

19 Jan, 2011 03:04 PM
The National Farmers’ Federation (NFF) has released Farm Facts 2011. Farm Facts is published each year as a compendium of useful and authoritative facts and figures about Australian agriculture, based on fully attributed data from independent sources.

Headline data from the 2011 publication reveals:

o There are 135,996 farms in Australia. Farmers occupy and manage 61 per cent of Australia’s landmass and 94.3 per cent of Australian farms actively undertake Natural Resource Management.

o Australian farms and their closely related sectors generate $155 billion-a-year in production, underpinning 12 per cent of GDP.

o Australian farmers produce almost 93 per cent of Australia’s daily domestic food supply, while 60 per cent of farm produce is destined for international markets.

o Despite the worst drought on record, Australia’s farm exports earned the country $32.1 billion last year.

o While 318,000 people are directly employed on Australian farms, 1.6 million Australian jobs hinge on farm production.

o Despite common misconceptions, government support for Australian farms represents just 4 per cent of farming income.

By comparison, according to the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development, in Norway it is 61 per cent, in Korea it is 52 per cent, in the European Union it is 23 per cent, in Canada it is 17 per cent, and in the United States it is 9 per cent.

In fact, Australian farmers are among the most self-sufficient in the world.

Farm Facts, now in its fourth edition, is a fast reference to top-of-mind national and state-by-state facts about Australia’s farm sector, as well as specific references for drilling down to data on Australia’s leading agricultural commodities covering: Beef, Cotton, Dairy, Dried Fruits, Goats, Grains, Rice, Sheep Meat, Sugar and Wool.

The annualised data is accurate as to the last recorded production period.

However, given the recent floods across Queensland, NSW, Victoria, SA and WA, any forecasts on 2010-11 production will vary and this has been noted where applicable.

All data in Farm Facts 2011 is available online from the ‘Farm Facts’ and ‘Commodities’ pages of the NFF website at: The publication can be downloaded in full from the ‘Farm Facts’ page.

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