Mar 10 '11

boobooonu asked:

Did Kanye turn urban fashion gay? also do you think it's kanye's fault for all the cottonelle rap shit/gay faux art that in denial blipsters like? im unsure because tho he has had his manicured hands in some of it, a lot of its been clones of him trying hard to be rap/pop artistes like him. plus a lot of his music especially pre-graduation is not at all as gay as his influence would have you think.

I ain’t mad that’s insecurities no homo. Your skin color should not restrict you from enjoying different kinds of art or wearing different kinds of clothes. It’s your world feel me. Everybody’s a follower this is a given Kanye is the hottest out what you expect. When 50 was the hottest out dudes was showing emphasis on phrases like “I’m A Ryder” and going hard with the gun talk wearing bulletproof vest in videos and shit. I remember I seen a dude at the movie theater with his bitch on a date wearing a mothafuckin bandana around his neck. Like dawg we watching Tomb Raider II calm the fuck down. That nigga somewhere right now prolly wearin a cardigan. Just find your wave and stay true to it.