Contents of Volume 6

Vol 6 No 1

April 1992

3-7 John Seymour 'The Seymours of Crescent Road, Sidcup' Memories of Ernest F. SEYMOUR (1857-1943) [4 pp]
8-10 Josephine Birchenough 'From the Parish Chest' Using parish accounts and overseers books of Ryarsh and Birling to trace the EVEREST clan [2½ pp]
11-12 Jill Valentine 'Missing, Believed Dead' Death entry missing from St Catherines House (Rachel Hall, d.1884) is finally located in church burial register and local Registration office [2 pp]
13-15 Keith Brunton 'A Place called Ima' Account of holiday in New Mexico to visit American cousins [2½ pp]
16-17 'The Society Committee' Photo of 1991-92 committee and list of responsibilites [2 pp]

Vol 6 No 2

July 1992

39-42 Josephine Birchenough 'The Villages of the Darenth Valley' Notes on Farningham, Horton Kirby, Sutton-at-Hone, South Darenth & Dartford [3½ pp]
42-44 Sue Blackall 'The Chapman Family of Horsleydown' Southwark family, 18-19c [2½ pp]
45-48 Audrey Third 'Talk of the Household 1865' Relates to a book of poetry published by author's gt. grandmother Maria RICHARDSON of Bishopsgate London, 1865 [3½ pp]
48-50 Gaynor Wingham 'In Search of a Heroine - Right Act, Wrong Place?' Family story of heroic ancestors Jessie & Margaret ACE gets confused with Grace Darling legend [2½ pp]
51 David Cufley 'Leaving One's Mark' Record of 9 carpenters' signatures in the roof of St Nicholas Strood, 1813-1913 [1 p]
52-54 Violet Midgley 'John Warham (d.1890) - Emigrant' Account of author's gt. grandfather's temporary emigration to Illinois 1852-53, illuminated by surviving letters [2½ pp]
55 Doris Pullen 'Don't Ignore the Newspapers' [1 p]
56-57 Brian Slater 'Oral Tradition - The Fact and the Fancy' Concerns author's grandfather Harry Oliver SLATER during Boer War [1½ pp]

Vol 6 No 3

October 1992

75-76 Patricia Knowlden 'Napoleon Bonaparte: My (great great great great grandfather's) part in his downfall' Story of ancestor John ELLACOTT 1777-1822 and military career [2 pp]
77 Josephine Birchenough 'Old Soldiers Never Die - They Turn Up in WO97' Personal experiencees of PRO project to index army discharge certificates [1 p]
79-80 Walter Hopkins 'The Sergeant's Wife' Concerns Marie Louise RYDING b.1848 m. Berkley CAYFORD [2 pp]
81-82 Walter Hopkins 'World War I Regimental War Diaries' Author investigates the circumstances surrounding WWI death of father Walter Wyndham HOPKINS, using war diaries at PRO [1 p]
83-84 Pamela Slade 'Crushed to Death: Kiln Collapse at Swanscombe' Concern's author's grandfather William PRIOR 1861-1900 [1½ pp]
84-85 Bill McNair 'Electric Cable Manufacture in Green Street Green' Brief Note on TCM Company at Green St Green 1940-53
86-89 Carol D. Simpson 'A Family Divided and Reunited' Account of search for origins of (Canadian) author's WALTERS family in England leads to a name change and discovery of cousins [3½ pp]
89-90 Geoffrey Milne 'Phillimore's....Or Bussed' Society day trip to Phillimores bookshop in Chichester [1½ pp]
91 'The Symbolism of Churchyard Monuments' Alphabetical list of symbols and their meanings [1 p]
92 Ann Ball 'A Grave Matter' Wht it's important to record a transcription the first time you see it [1 p]
94-95 Malcolm Youngs 'A Postcard Discovery' Account of a postcard showing a YOUNGS family business, and how it was identified as being in Gorleston [1½ pp]
95-96 Brian Turner Stockman 'Lavatorial Pedigree' Brief male line of STOCKMAN of Chislehurst 18-20c, and Devon roots back to 16c [1½ pp]

Vol 6 No 4

January 1993

111-14 June Biggs 'Who Needs Parish Registers' Wills and court records used to trace MIDMORE family of Chiddingley/Laughton Sussex 15-17c [3 pp]
114-15 Chris Hough 'Killed in the Blitz' Author tracks down records of aunt Dorothy Helen BEAMS killed in the blitz 1940 [1 p]
116-18 Josephine Birchenough 'Deptford Victualling Yard c.1760 - Some Preliminary Notes' Based on author's researches at PRO [2½ pp]
120-23 Jean Fothergill 'One James or Two?' Unravelling the CATMORE family, London lightermen 18c [4 pp]
124-26 Tony Parsons 'Sarah Jervis' Pursues probable descent of Sarah JERVIS 1754-1837 from Jervis of Staffs. & Cheshire [2½ pp]
127 Brian & Joyce Evans 'In Search of Nelson's Men' With particular reference to ancestor & Trafalgar veteran Charles LEGG 1784-1848 [1 p]
129-30 Ron Anthony 'Births, Marriages and Deaths in a 19th Century Bromley Newspaper' Describes Society housegroup project to index the BMD entries from 'Bromley Journal & West Kent Herald' 1869-75 [2 pp]

Vol 6 No 5

April 1993

147-51 Jeremy Yeoman 'A Medieval Family - Stanford of Hever and Edenbridge' Description of medieval sources used to research STANFORD family, and list of findings c1250-1500 [4½ pp]
152-55 John Seymour 'Beaters and Spurgins in Sidcup' Account of these families c1890s-WW1 [4 pp]
156-58 Lady Carroll 'Ad Valorem of the Parish of St Mary Cray, 1831' List of 156 names from rating valuation, with type of property, acreage and value [3 pp]
159-61 Josephine Birchenough 'The Villages of the Cray Valley' Brief notes on Orpington, St Mary Cray, St Pauls Cray, Foots Cray and North Cray [2½ pp]
161-62 V.M. Beer 'Picking at the Bones' BONE family of Hawkhurst 18-19c, were they originally GRAY? [2 pp]
163 'Reluctant Soldiers' Refers to West Kent Regiment of Militia 1803 [1 p]
164-65 Lynne Marsh 'Other Indexes in St Catherines house' List of overseas series of BMD indexes on open shelves [2 pp]
166 Jean Stirk 'Family History Experience Day' Report on Society event at Sevenoaks [1 p]

Vol 6 No 6

July 1993

183-86 Jean Fothergill 'The Prince of Vaccination Martyrs' Concerns NYE of Rochester etc., 19c [3½ pp]
187 Margaret Hill 'Post Office Records' Account of a visit to Post Office Archives at Mt. Pleasant, London [1 p]
188-90 Josephine Birchenough 'Working Deptford in the 18th Century' Describes mid-18c records at the PRO relating to Royal Dockyard & Victualling Yard [2½ pp]
191-92 Ann Brunton and Barbara Godfrey 'Royal Alfred Institution for Old Seamen, Belvedere' Brief summary of history 1857-1980, and list of 98 residents/inmates, 1891 [2 pp]
193-95 'Workhouses' Summary of workhouse history, with various notes contributed by Society members [3 pp]
196 Josephine Birchenough 'St Pauls Swanley Village Burial Registers' Brief notes on origins of the people buried there, and reference to Society transcript/index [1 p]
197-98 'The History of Prisons' Brief notes on prison history [2 pp]

Vol 6 No 7

October 1993

215-18 John Seymour 'Blackheath Proprietary School and the Beater Brothers' Brief history of school 1830-1907, with special reference to Claud and Orlando BEATER, 1885-90 [3 pp]
219 Wilma Picton 'Schooling in a Kent Village' Ightham village school 1815-1901 [1 p]
220 Margaret Hill 'Grandfather Martin' Story [1½ pp]
221-22 Gerry Langford 'A Poor Law Union School' Researching gt. grandfather in Poor Law Union schools [1 p]
223-24 Josephine Birchenough 'Some Schools in West Kent' Blackheath Bluecoat School, Holy Trinity Primary School Dartford, Addey & Stanhope School Deptford [2 pp]
225-26 Edna Antrobus 'Family History of a Piano' Mentions ELKINGTON and CHARD [2 pp]
227-28 Ruth Cheeseman 'An Odd Story' ODD of Limpsfield, Westerham, Crockenhill & Croydon 18-19c [2 pp]
229 Doris Pullen 'Who Was Generes' Unusual middle name in BANKS family of London, 19c [1 p]
230-31 Dorothea Teague 'One More Step Along the Road - An Irvingite Family' BARKER family of Southwark, members of the Irvingite church 1830s [1½ pp]
232 Merna Kidgell 'The Crays - Australian Style' Notes on Footscray (Melbourne) [1 p]
233-34 Wendy Harding 'Kent Strays' 41 Entries from Bedfordshire Marriage Licence Allegations 1747-1885 [1½ pp]
236-37 David Cufley 'Our Society' 1993 Committee members and responsibilities [1½ pp]

Vol 6 No 8

January 1994

250-53 Patricia Woodward 'Insurance Records Expose a Painful Secret' Concerns William PEPLOE 1814-84 of Chatham (later Blackheath), and research in insurance records [3½ pp]
254 Wilfred G. Pounce 'A Horner at 15' Search for Herbert POUNCE d.1915 amongst merchant seamans' records [1 p]
255-57 Stella Szachnowski 'Education from an Autograph Album' Brief history of Joseph Lancaster and the British & Foreign School Society [2 pp]
257-28 Patricia Knowlden 'Local History for Family Historians' Description of local history booklets published by Bromley Local History Society [2 pp]
259-60 David Asprey 'Was Your Ancestor at Agincourt?' List of 86 names [2 pp]
261 Freda M. Keon 'A First Look at Genealogical Data on CD-ROM' Briefly describes FamilySearch program [1 p]
262-63 Jean Cole 'Yet Another Source for Finding a Missing Ancestor' List of adverts from the Poor Law Union Gazette 1858 for arrest of W.Kent people [2 pp]
264-65 Audrey Harrop 'What a Coincidence!' Chance meeting between two people at evening class reveals that mothers lived next door. [1 p]
265-66 Ken Jones 'A New Boy's Thoughts' [1 p]
266-67 Barry Langridge 'Corporal Robert Needham, 60th Regiment of Foot' Research amongst discharge & pension papers at PRO throws light on career of Robert NEEDHAM 1793-1872 [1½ pp]
269 Josephine Birchenough 'Coal Posts' Brief note, with drawing [½ p]

Vol 6 No 9

April 1994

287-89 Stella Szachnowski 'Education from an Autograph Album(Part 2)' Story of Stockwell College [2½ pp]
289-90 Brian Rance 'Murder or Suicide?' Concerns Florence Lilian JONES b.1902 [1½ pp]
291-93 Cyril Alexander 'William (The Villain) Alexander' Author traces back to gt. gt. grandfather William ALEXANDER of Bacton Suffolk, transported to Australia 1828. [2 pp]
294-95 Susan Pittman 'Mosses and Lichens in Churchyards - Conservation Guidelines' [2 pp]
296-98 Geoffrey Copus 'The "Paper Register" of Farnborough - A New Transcript' Description of author's transcript 1538-1646, and confusion with Chelsfield PR's [3 pp]
300 Jean Stirk 'Insurance Records' Brief bibliography, and list of extant insurance policy registers [1 p]
301-02 Josephine Birchenough 'He Listed for a Soldier' Records of Pte. William WADMAN of Lee 1830s-140s [1 p]
303-06 Jean Fothergill 'Sir George, Doddles and Other Fothergills' Searching for William FOTHERGILL in Newcastle/Aberdeen, late 19c, with links to Australia [3½ pp]
307-08 Ann Brunton 'A Lucky Find' Piece of scrap paper leads to discovery of manuscript about ancestor John PATERSON (1822-80) [1½ pp]
308-09 Janet Hoare 'The Clue of a Curious Name' Unusual christian names in the family of PRYER of Eynsford, 18-19c [1 p]

Vol 6 No 10

July 1994

322-24 Joyce Hoad 'Were They Discharged in New Zealand?' Description of book "Discharged in New Zealand" (1988), and list of 42 Kent men discharged from army 1840-70 [3 pp]
325-26 Brian Evans 'Where There's a Will' Research into KEMP family 19c of Marylebone & Chailey Sussex produces PCC will and military career incl. Waterloo 1815 [1½ pp]
326-27 Frances Greene 'Almost Fifty Years On - News From the Other Side of the World' [1 p]
328-30 Joan Field 'Three Years of Our Lives' Account of Bromley housegroup project to research lives of ancestors 1800-25 & and mount an exhibition [3 pp]
331-34 Jean Fox 'Wills in Seal - 1545 to 1610' Wills throw light on life in Tudor & Stuart Seal [3½ pp]
334 Jean Stirk 'The Archivist's Dilemma - Preservation vs. Use' [½ p]
335 Ken Jones 'Postscript to 'The Tragic End of An Ancestor'' Grisly tale of murder and cannibalism at sea, 1884 [1 p]
336-37 Doris Pullen 'My Grandmother had a Baby at 51' BANKS of London etc, 19c [1½ pp]
337-38 'There's One Born.....' Extract from The Times (1807) concerning lawsuit over pedigree investigation [1½ pp]
342-43 'Josephine Birchenough' Obituary [1½ pp]
343-44 Brian Kell 'A Visit to Nunhead Cemetery - March 1994' [1 p]

Vol 6 No 11

October 1994

358-60 June Biggs 'Take Heed From Mr Casaubon's Dilemma' Advice on writing up a family history [3 pp]
361-62 Beverley Dwyer 'From Kent to Australia via New Zealand' ROBINSON family in Sydney Aus. & New Zealand 1830s with roots in N.W.Kent [1½ pp]
362 'The Tomb of Catherine Parr' Story of 18c desecration [½ p]
363-64 Norma Jean Smith 'A Letter to Sister in Australia' Transcript of letter written Tunbridge Wells 1875 by Jane BEDFORD nee KEYS [2 pp]
365 Josephine Birchenough 'The Poor Parish Apprentice' Information from 17c apprenticeship indentures [1 p]
366 'Serendipity' List of 117 surnames from Farningham settlement papers [1 p]
367 Jean Rawling 'Names of Tradesmen of Orpington and District Extracted from the Registers of All Saints Parish Church 1783-99' List of 29 people with address and occupation [1 p]
367-68 Jean Fox 'Nurse Children in Seal' Inspired by 25 burials 1565-98 of "nurse children" [1 p]
368-69 Brian Rance 'Murder or Suicide (continued)' Follow-up to Apr 94 article [1 p]
369-71 Lady Carroll 'A Nineteenth-Century Funeral' Extracts from letters written Lamberhurst 1824 by Dr Charles THOMPSON to daughter Mary Ann CARNELL, describing a funeral in Rochester [1½ pp]
374 Jean Fothergill 'A Small Comment on Cordwainers' Brief history of the trade [½ p]

Vol 6 No 12

January 1995

394-95 Josephine Birchenough 'Lee - A Village in the Hundred of Blackheath' Reprinted from Vol.1, No.1 [1 p]
395-96 Josephine Birchenough 'Manners Mayketh the Family Historian' Reprinted from Vol.2 No.3 [1 p]
396-97 Josephine Birchenough 'Census: Analysis of Occupations' Reprinted from Vol.3 No.2 [1 p]
397-98 Josephine Birchenough 'Mystery Marriages in Lee' Reprinted from Vol.3 No.8 [1 p]
398 Josephine Birchenough 'Some Light on the Mystery Marriages in Lee' Reprinted from Vol.3 No.8 [½ p]
399-00 Josephine Birchenough 'Edmund Halley, The Comet Man' Reprinted from Vol.3 No.12 [1 p]
400-02 Josephine Birchenough 'Watery North West Kent - A Miscellany' Reprinted from Vol.4 No.1 [2 pp]
402-04 Josephine Birchenough 'According to the Rubric' Reprinted from Vol.5 No.8 [2 pp]
404-08 Josephine Birchenough 'Poor - But Mobile' Reprinted from Vol.4 No.6 [4 pp]
408-11 Josephine Birchenough 'Hardwicke Was More Than An Act' Philip YORKE Earl of Hardwicke 1690-1764, with family connections in Dover, Kent etc. [3½ pp]