Innovative Network & Technological Solutions

The St. Lawrence Global Observatory is an initiative to provide integrated access to data and information from a network of governmental, academic and community organizations for the sustainable management of the St. Lawrence global ecosystem by:

  • implementing and managing an Internet portal for the access and dissemination of the most accurate and comprehensive information possible (scientific and other);
  • using state-of-the-art information technologies and recognized standards in an architecture based on interoperability;
  • providing quality information products and services suiting the needs of various client groups.



A Major Ecosystem & Important Issues

The St. Lawrence is a major ecosystem with a rich ecological diversity, extreme physical conditions (ex: tides, ice, temperature and currents), sensitive coasts and habitats, a large population and numerous socio-economic and development activities (ex: marine transportation, fishing, aquaculture, ecotourism, coastal engineering...).

The geographic area covered by SLGO includes the St. Lawrence River, Estuary and Gulf which represents over 250 000 km2. It also extends to the St. Lawrence watersheds.

 Métis Bay (Qc)CicéroRimouski River, Rimouski (Qc)


Action in an Integrated Approach

The SLGO contributes towards the integrated management and sustainable use of the St. Lawrence global ecosystem Visuel by providing timely and accurate data, information and knowledge to support planning and decision making processes in areas such as public safety, climate change, resource management and biodiversity conservation.

The SLGO mission follows the same objectives of several large government programs in Canada and Quebec such as the St. Lawrence Plan (SLP) for a sustainable development, the Oceans Action Plan (OAP) and is in line with the international trend towards the creation of observatories and the implementation of global earth observation programs.

Important Notices


SLGO is member of:

Ocean Science & Technology Partnership
Technopole maritime du Québec