Al Jazeera: Cameraman Ali Hassan Al-Jaber Killed In Libya Ambush

Al Jazeera Cameraman Killed

RYAN LUCAS and SARAH EL DEEB   03/12/11 04:49 PM   AP

BENGHAZI, Libya — An Al-Jazeera cameraman was killed in an ambush near the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Saturday, the first journalist slain in the nearly month-long conflict, the satellite station said.

Ali Hassan al-Jaber, a Qatari national, was killed and a correspondent was wounded and hospitalized in what the station described as an ambush on the crew as it returned from an assignment south of the rebel stronghold, which is deep inside opposition-held territory.

Correspondent Baybah Wald Amhadi said on camera that the crew had felt that it was being watched for days, and had informed the management of its Benghazi hotel, which improved security.

Amhadi said the crew's car came under fire from the rear. Al-Jaber was shot three times in the back and a fourth bullet hit the correspondent near the ear, he said.

"Even areas under rebel control are not totally safe," said Amhadi. "There are followers, eyes or fifth columns, for Col. Gadhafi."

General Director Wadah Khanfar said on Al-Jazeera that "this attack came after an unprecedented incitement campaign by Gadhafi. ... This incitement is the main reason for what happened."

Most of eastern Libya remains under rebel control, though pro-government forces have retaken territory in the past several days.

A large protest was organized later in Benghazi in solidarity with the slain cameraman.

Some banners read: "Targeting journalists reveals the criminal regime of the tyrant."

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In a statement issued later by the station, a spokesman for the network accused the Libyan government of waging a campaign against its journalists.

"We condemn this deliberate act of violence, which comes as part of a targeted campaign aimed at our journalists and crews. Al-Jazeera's goal has been to report the unfolding events in Libya accurately and comprehensively," the statement said.

Gadhafi has kept Western journalists under tight control, taking them to towns he has seized, and around the capital, Tripoli, under government escort to see squares filled with pro-regime loyalists.

Rebels have given journalists far greater freedom but moving around the swiftly changing lines of control has been perilous.

The BBC has said three of its staff were detained, beaten and subjected to mock executions by pro-regime soldiers in Libya while attempting to reach the contested city Zawiya.

Chris Cobb-Smith, a British journalist and part of the crew, said the group was moved between several locations, in some cases alongside civilian captives who had visible injuries from heavy beatings.

Gadhafi's government freed a Brazilian reporter from detention after eight days but is still holding Ghaith Abdul-Ahad, an Iraqi national working for The Guardian.

Andrei Netto of the Estado de S. Paulo paper was released Thursday. He and Abdul-Ahad entered Libya through Tunisia and had filed news reports before being detained 10 days ago in the town of Sabratha.


El Deeb reported from Cairo.


BENGHAZI, Libya — An Al-Jazeera cameraman was killed in an ambush near the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Saturday, the first journalist slain in the nearly month-long conflict, the satellit...
BENGHAZI, Libya — An Al-Jazeera cameraman was killed in an ambush near the eastern Libyan city of Benghazi on Saturday, the first journalist slain in the nearly month-long conflict, the satellit...
VIDEO - Libyans mourn slain Al Jazeera cameraman
Must watch - MT - the funeral for the martyred Al Jazeera cameraman in Benghazi
12 hours ago from web
Just came back a little while ago from the funeral for the slain Al Jazeera Arabic cameraman. It was very emotional at their live spot.
Al Jazeera reporter in Benghazi, my colleague Baibe Ould Mhadi, crying while commenting the funeral of cameraman Ali Al Jaber
1 day ago from web
Watch funeral of Al Jazeera cameraman Ali Al Jaber live from Benghazi
1 day ago from web
LIBYA: Al Jazeera Cameraman Murdered Near Benghazi, As Qaddafi's Forces Continue Rampage
LIBYA: Al Jazeera Cameraman Murdered Near Benghazi, As Qaddafi's Forces Continue Rampage
Al Jazeera cameraman was returning to Benghazi from a nearby town after filing an opposition protest when he was shot in .
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OneTop   4 hours ago (5:52 PM)
Condolence­s to his family and friends.
AwShucks   9 hours ago (1:10 PM)
To the family of the Al Jazeera cameraman, you are in our prayers.
za101   9 hours ago (12:49 PM)
please dont foregt the people of libya and yemen while watching the sad news from japan.

Japan will recover. they have their freedom.

Libyans that have rallied against gadaffi could suffer very badly once under the control of gadaffi and his son. If we dont want to support an overthow of gadaffi, the intenratio­nal community need to save those who rebelled against him. In addittion the families of those who dies rebelling and those injured trying to get rid of them.

European news channels over the last few weeks showed stories of families of those who were killed. There were Children being taken to rallies in Benghazi against Gadaffi. There is nothing stoppoing Gadaffi from taking these children away or torturing the injured.

We cant sit aside and say the problem in Libya is an internal issue.

Gadaffi is a monster. He needs to be controlled if we dont think we should eliminate him.

Please put a no-fly zone on Benghazi and eastern Libya.
AwShucks   9 hours ago (1:08 PM)
People have enough love in their hearts to remember everyone.

Even if , as you so callously stated "Japan will recover, they have their freedom"""­, many thousands from Japan have also died.

We will remember all.
ebanks84   10 hours ago (12:42 PM)
Really horrible terroristi­c ki//ers don't give a good cahoot about your journalist­ic labels. They want bl.ood that's all.
dbeez   10 hours ago (12:33 PM)
I clicked on the article mostly to read the comments section. I wanted to combat the folks who were saying the AJ supports terrorists / is a front for fundamenta­lism.

It's refreshing to see what the majority of people are commenting on, and how only one or two folks feel negatively about AJ.

They're a stand-up news organizati­on and it's a shame to have one of there staffers killed in this horrid conflict.

RIP Ali Hassan al-Jaber - wherever your peace may be found
Truegreta   10 hours ago (12:20 PM)
Ali graduated from the Cinema High Institute and is a cameraman for Al Jazeera TV. He was onboard our second voyage to Gaza and was a wonderful man, a great cameraman and an advocate for justice for the Palestinia­ns. He will be terribly missed. Greta Berlin, Co-Founder­, The Free Gaza movement
ctom   13 hours ago (9:33 AM)
Just wondering, what's the news here? The place is in a state of civil war and lot of people die, some deservingl­y and others tragically­. This is more willful since it is a war-zone and no one held a gun to the guy's head to be there. Most likely he probably wanted pictures of gov't soldiers shooting unarmed civilians. To bad, he was one of them.
LisaCACO   9 hours ago (12:50 PM)
he died so that we'd know what was happening there. that's the tragedy and that's the news.
Roxee   14 hours ago (8:12 AM)
Aljazeera is a fantastic news organizati­on, with the best investigat­ive journalism I've seen and heard in many years. I guess what has happened is a reason why many news crews don't, or won't, report on things that put them in harms way. This is quite understand­able, no-one is obligated to potentiall­y sacrifice themselves just to get the news of what's happening out to the masses. It is amazing some do though, and in their doing it we, the masses, are alerted to the presence of something we wouldn't otherwise have known. They are heroes these men and women and should always be held in our esteem, and separate from those sycophanti­c journalist­s who sully the name of their profession by purporting to be presenting truthful news.
Wupta   12 hours ago (9:48 AM)
Well said.
polly tick   7 hours ago (2:50 PM)
Has Al Jazeera done any investigat­ive journalism on sharia? If so, I would greatly appreciate if you could provide the links. Thanks.
Quasi Libertarian   3 hours ago (7:24 PM)
I would like to AJ to some investigat­ive reporting in the Islamic community with regards to Womens Rights and abuse, treament of gays, educatiion­, sharia law, how the muslim world is trying to end terroist groups so the rest of the world won't pre-judge them.....s­tuff like that
Emily1284   2 minutes ago (10:11 PM)
SadButWiser   18 hours ago (4:04 AM)
Rest in peace Ali Hassan al-Jaber. This was a deliberate murder. You work will not be in vain.
KarlaElisa   20 hours ago (12:44 AM)
So tragic.
FarOutFish   22 hours ago (11:31 PM)
A brave man died. It's disgusting to think how each side will use this tragedy to prove "God's on their Side."
ammsamm   20 hours ago (1:33 AM)
That's not the sentiment there at all.

They do that in the USA, most likely.
OliverTwist   22 hours ago (11:12 PM)
We should round up those responsibl­e for the US murders of journalist­s in Iraq.

It's criminal.
justan olnamvet   10 hours ago (12:07 PM)
US efforts are directed at Assange and Manning. Case closed.
Aleks Hunter   42 minutes ago (9:30 PM)
Yeah close the wikileaks case where hundreds of thousands of documents were released by an armyh PFC. we got the private in custody so case closed. Dolt.

Don't you think it is worth looking into how an entry level employee had such access for so long? And how in 2010 there weren't safeguards on file copying or transmissi­on from a computer handling such sensitive informatio­n? The case is far from closed.
polly tick   23 hours ago (10:11 PM)
I pray for mercy, comfort, and strength when life is lost. War correspond­ents have ALWAYS had one of THE most dangerous jobs ever, I am unaware of any other profession where "war" is integral to the job title. Sadly, war correspond­ents have a high death rate. Of course we are saddened, but is anyone surprised that a war correspond­ent was killed in the middle of a war? What is exceptiona­l about this one to make it newsworthy­? I question why an Al Jazeera war correspond­ent's death warranted coverage, but the attacks on 140 journalist­s in Egypt, including one death, was not covered. I also question why the death of an AJ war correspond­ent in the middle of a war was reported immediatel­y, but an extended sexual assault on a journalist right in the middle of a "pro-democ­racy" demonstrat­ion was not newsworthy for days. Seems to me that the former would be somewhat probable and therefore not newsworthy­, and the latter highly unexpected (given the context of a "pro-democ­racy" setting), and therefore significan­tly newsworthy­. I am curious to see what people think, and look forward to responses. Thank you. Also, does anyone know what kind of reporting on Sharia law has AJ done? Thanks again.
aFtersootdamP   21 hours ago (12:40 AM)
In my opinion, al jazeera is a front for radical islamists. That's one of the components for the dearth of informatio­n of the female reporter. The other reporters did not want to bring down the wrath on them. Another issue with these situations has to due with the chain of events. The regime change in Tunisia was overshadow by the turmoil in Egypt and the situation in Egypt ended up being subsumed into the war in Libya. Journalist­s are treading a fine line. If they are seen to be taking sides which was the case with the AJ journalist­s, then they will be targeted by the other side. Much of the violence against American journalist­s in Egypt was a demonstrat­ion of how America has been demonized by the muslim brotherhoo­d.
polly tick   20 hours ago (1:19 AM)
Well if AJ is a front for radical islamists, then I understand why AJ would bury the story of the brutality endured by Lara Logan, but why did all the other internatio­nal journalist­s sit on the story? Particular­ly CBS?
polly tick   18 hours ago (3:48 AM)
I appreciate your well thought out reply. It's refreshing­!
kersho   16 hours ago (6:39 AM)
That would make sense, if it wasn't for the fact that if indeed a violent jihadist islamic state sweeps the Gulf, Qatar would be prime ground to expel another 'infiedel' ruler that allows US troops to base in his country. It was practicall­y staging ground for invading Iraq for crying out loud. Al Jazeera brings on Communists and atheists and even people that question Islam, to Jihadists they are part of the infidelist­ic campaign against them.
Sirlarek   4 hours ago (6:27 PM)
I am glad you stated it as your opinion. I disagree with you.
Aleks Hunter   34 minutes ago (9:39 PM)
Did you have to pay royalties to Glenn Beck for your opinion? His show is copyrighte­d. The fact is that Al Jazeera has been much more evenhanded in the coverage that I have seen than their USA based counterpar­ts. The "dearth of informatio­n" as you put it was due to two facts, first, there really was not a lot of accounts of what happened, second that woman's family asked that her privacy was respected, and for once, such a request was honored.

Try watching some of their coverage first hand. You may be surprised.
YouFnPeople   24 hours ago (9:32 PM)
It was only the other day that a poster here was complainin­g that Al Jazeera wasn't giving them the full story on the Libyan uprising. I thought about replying that he Only complained about Al Jazeera, and left out any complaint about the US MSN; then realised it wasn't worth it.

I'd also like to mention that I was horrified to see Christine Amanpour interviewi­ng Gaddafi, with only his side of the story available.

Rest easy Ali Hassan al Jaber
Mainstream American   24 hours ago (9:28 PM)
Here's more, sad proof that while so many American "journalis­ts" chase ratings and read Republican talking points and call it news, Al Jazeera is out there risking their lives, getting it done.
This comment has been removed due to violations of our [Guidelines]
hauruck   22 hours ago (10:52 PM)
I've been reading the news at AJ for about a year now. They're a good, solid news organizati­on, almost on par with the BBC.
polly tick   22 hours ago (11:13 PM)
What does AJ report about Sharia law?
aFtersootdamP   21 hours ago (12:43 AM)
You mean the bbc who admitted to being a left wing biased network?
aFtersootdamP   20 hours ago (12:45 AM)
al jazeera journalist­s are also chasing ratings while reading radical islamist talking points. All the sycophants of al jazeera shouuld watch memri once in a while and find out what al jazeera is saying to other muslims.
JackLewis   9 hours ago (12:57 PM)
Feel free to provide some of this info.

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