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Starry Night Van Gogh Print Framed
The Starry Night, c.1889 by Vincent Van Gogh
71cm x 56cm Fine Art Print
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Ever since 1941 The Starry Night has been in the stored in the Museum of Modern Art in New York City, United States. It is no surprise to say that this painting is among the key attractions of this gallery because of it's popularity and critical achievement, despite the high level of other quality paintings that exist within the Museum of Modern Art. Starry Night is oil on canvas, as with the vast majority of Van Gogh's works and stands at an impressive 73.7 cm 92.1 cm (29 in 36 in) in total.

A lesser known fact is that Vincent produced a Reed pen drawing version of it afterwards, following exactly the same layout with the only differences being due to the different media used, giving a truly alternative style with the bright colours removed and a different feel completely inserted instead.

Van Gogh surprisingly felt that Starry Night did not work as a complete painting as much as other works in his career recently had, and so he explained his dis-satisfaction with it through letters to his brother Theo Van Gogh, whilst staying in Saint-Remy. Whilst brilliantly skilled, Vincent was extremely critical of his own work, and others will understand that when seeing such an outstanding work with their own eyes. Vincent felt that the deliberate nature of the lines made it look to mucho like a picture, even with the extreme swishes which he used to exaggerate the painting itself. He always wanted to get across his own unique mind and hadn't achieved that in Starry Night, or as he thought.

Van Gogh's Starry Night has become the inspiration for all of the following, helping to spread it's success and legacy even further:

The painting by Vincent Van Gogh is of the view he experienced from his sanatorium room window at night. In order to achieve best results he would normally paint during the day when light was at it's brightest, allowing him greatest possible accuracy with his chosen colour scheme. As such The Starry Night had to be painted entirely from memory.