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Manuel Fields

Manuel Fields

I am Lt. Manuel Fields. I began working for the Texas Department of Corrections 16 years ago. I had a vision to assist inmates once they got out of prison. In 1996, I began the Prison Ministry at Abundant Life Cathedral Church, to assist inmates while they were inside of prison. I am always seeking better ways to serve parolees, probationers, homelessness, individuals with disabilities, and HIV/AIDS. In 1999, I founded the Lieutenant’s House, a licensed residential treatment facility in Houston, Texas. I created David & Ivory Ministries, a corporation I named after my parents. Through David & Ivory Ministries, I developed the D&I Works program, which has over 20 contracts and has employed over 400 Texans with disabilities. David & Ivory Ministries, dba Lieutenant’s House, has provided drug and alcohol treatment and HIV/AIDS assistance to approximately 1,200 clients. David & Ivory Ministries, Inc. has become one of the leading agencies in employing people with disabilities and providing drug and alcohol treatment. I am a firm believer that every man was created with a Gift inside of him. God placed it there from the beginning of this place we call time. Every man can develop his Gift. After all, that is the only way one can reach his full potential. Visualize your vision through the Gift that God has placed inside of you.

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