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Inquiry into comments made by Cardinal George Pell

This inquiry is a completed Legislative Council inquiry conducted by the Privileges (LC) Committee.  
On 4 June 2007, the Catholic Archbishop of Sydney, Cardinal George Pell, released a written media statement in which he called on Members of the NSW Parliament to reject the provisions of the Human Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007.

Subsequently, on 6 June 2007, the Sydney newspapers also published reports of a news conference held by Cardinal Pell the previous day, at which he is reported to have made colnments that Catholics will face 'consequences' in their religious lives if they support the bill.

On 12 June 2007, the President of the Legislative Council referred terms of reference to the Privileges Committee requiring the committee to inquire and report on public comments made by Cardinal Pell regarding the possible 'consequences' for members in supporting the Human Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007, and whether the comments of Cardinal Pell constitute a contempt of parliament.


Referred: 12 Jun 2007
        » Final Report Published: 19 Sep 2007

Reports and Government Responses

DateName of Document
19/09/2007Report No 38: Comments by Cardinal George Pell concerning the Human Cloning and Other Prohibited Practices Amendment Bill 2007 (Final Report)

Hearings and Transcripts

No records of hearings or transcripts are available for this inquiry.

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This is a completed inquiry. The contacts below are historical only.

Inquiry Terms of Reference

Referred by the President of the Legislative Council.

Terms of Reference.pdf

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