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Former AF star working on more personal sophomore album
Friday, April 23rd, 2010 14:17:00

IT'S ALL ME: Aizat says in reality his new album is his first album

“THIS time it’s all about me.”

Having marched to a different tune in his debut, Aizat is now ready to take steps of his own to further cement his musical career.

With the success of his debut, and the recent high in achieving the not impossible, but still highly improbable win in the Anugerah Bintang Popular 2009 for Popular Male Singer, Aizat is laying down his cards on the table by making his sophomore effort, entirely his own.

“It’s nerve-wrecking, we have just recorded about two songs with six or seven more to go. This will be my first production with my brother Anas, under our own outfit Kasi Gegar Entertainment.”

Whether he’s ready to take the reins of his own career or not, Aizat is boldly making the move to do so,

confident of his own ability. Self-composed or not, Aizat has been fortunate to enjoy a string of hits in Hanya Kau Yang Mampu, Fikirlah, Lagu Kita, Kau Aku and Pergi.

By all accounts no mean feat, as despite the success, Aizat is still rather a tad too green to perhaps be taking on this much responsibility.

“The support and recognition for the first album has been tremendous and given me a positive boost, but yes, I

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admit it is nerve-wrecking especially since I’ve decided to put at least three songs into the album. I still think my work has not reached the level where I’m satisfied personally. I don’t think I have proven anything.”

Still, he is ready to shoulder the heavy responsibility to show another side to his singer-songwriter persona with this second effort to be fully-composed by him and Anas.

“So in reality, this really is MY first album.”

And the eventual direction the album is taking may catch some off-guard. “Maybe people will be surprised a

little. We write stuff about messages more than typical stuff on radio or at least we try to steer clear of what is already readily available on mainstream radio. The difference is subtle but I’m definitely offering a more mature sound.”

Aizat denies that he’s attempting something too serious and out of his league that will potentially alienate his fans. “It’s not that I’m becoming more ‘serious’ but the direction and the lyrics are more me than the first album. I don’t have to follow directions from anyone. I get to do what I wanted to do in the first place.”

For him, the debut was a stepping stone. And in his own effort due out in May or June, it’s going to be the ‘real’ Aizat that fans and the record buying public can expect.

“There are no collaborations, this time it’s really all about me.” His only real preoccupation and fear is actually of being branded overrated.

“I’ll keep being true to myself and think about my work and not bother so much about popularity. I mean, appreciate those who voted for me for ABP because I think Mawi had a fanstatic fan base and it was unexpected to win, but now at least I know that there are people who would pay to hear my work and support me so I will keep working harder.”


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