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Albeo Technologies

Industrial Strength LED Lighting

Albeo Technologies is the first company to bring the advantages of energy efficient LED Lighting to the industrial and commercial marketplace with LED Lighting solutions created specifically for industrial and commercial buildings. As a leader in Commercial and Industrial LED lighting research and development, Albeo is the first choice for discerning companies that recognize the difference that quality LED lighting makes in a variety of professional environments.

Albeo's LED Lighting solutions are backed by a five-year warranty and feature TEMPR™ thermal technology to ensure maximum lifetime and performance. 

As one of the most prolific advances in energy-efficient green technology, LED lighting is shown to have the potential to save billions of dollars in maintenance and energy costs, reduce carbon emissions by 28 to 40 million metric tons annually, and reduce spending on electricity by $125 billion over the next 20 years.

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As your premier LED Lighting Company, Albeo offers expertise in the following areas:

Wireless Lighting Control: Improve energy efficiency with simple, powerful, and interoperable wireless lighting control.

Industrial Lighting: Discover the savings of no maintenance, energy efficient and superior quality industrial LED Lighting solutions.

Commercial Lighting: Find scalable, cost-effective LED Commercial Lighting solutions for a variety of needs.


Warehouse LIghting: Choose reliable, energy efficient and maintenance-free Warehouse LED Lighting solutions.

Fluorescent Replacement: Convert troublesome fluorescent light fixtures into easy to maintain, high-efficency LED fixtures. Easy to install and lasts a lifetime.

High Bay Lighting: Pick maintenance-free, energy efficient alternatives to traditional high -intensity discharge or high-intensity fluorescent light fixtures.

Parking Garage Lighting: Enjoy cost -savings and eliminate repairs with energy-efficient alternatives to traditional metal halide or high pressure sodium light fixtures


Latest News From Albeo:

Albeo Receives Three Patents from USPTO for LED Lighting Innovations

Link to press release

The US Patent & Trademark Office grants patents covering Albeo’s innovative thermal and integrated chip technologies. These technologies enable lower cost solid-state lighting products that are brighter, more efficient, and longer lasting.


Learn about Advanced Wireless Lighting Control by Daintree Networks

Albeo has partnered with Daintree Newtworks to providfe the most advanced wilress lighting controls available in the lighting industry. 

Daintree's robust wireless mesh network managed with ControlScope (TM) Manager allows enterprises to gain control of lighting and energy management. 

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