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Next summer we’re organizing the second year of the Tabak Pro Skill Camp for professional players. The main reason for this camp is to take advantage of free summer time in order to get better individually, technically and physically. It’s the time of the year where there is not any competition so; it’s the ideal time to try to get better individually.

Our camp will take place in Split (Croatia) from the 2nd of August through the 8th of August 2009. All practice will take place in the morning with small groups of players in KK Split arena. There is an option for afternoon practices doing physical workouts. During this week we will analyze (with the player) how we can improve individually and try to make this as his routine which is the purpose of the camp.

Working during Camp 2008

Practices are organized and executed by Zan Tabak and assisted by Predag Kruscic an ex-player and Croatian coach with great experience and specialized to work with exterior players. During his coaching years he was important in teaching some of the Croatian players like Toni Kukoc, Dino Radja, Zan Tabak, Velimir Perasovic…

We guarantee good and intensive workouts with the pleasure of enjoying the great tourist attractions that Split has to offer.

For all who could be interested in our camp, please contact us by the 15th of June because player participation spots are limited.

Zan working individually
Zan working indivially

Split's Cathedral

Split's Cathedral

Because our camp is only for pro senior players we understand that some of them may want to take their family with them so they can enjoy the beautiful tourist possibilities that Split has to offer. We’re offering discounts to some of the best hotels Split has to offer. You can choose between different price ranges, close to the workout facilities or in the center of the city.

Felipe Reyes

Felipe Reyes is sharing his experience of working individually with Zan Tabak:

"Working with Zan gave me an opportunity to work on different aspects of my game, now I’m a better player because of this. Take his advice and achieve your goals".

Felipe Reyes


Kk Split Arena
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21000 Split
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