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Ancient African Values
"Black" As A Historical Word
"Seasoning" The Slaves
"We" Societies Among Black Americans
"Whitening" Of The Black Madonna
"Whitening" Of The Black Madonna
A Demeaning Story Of "Black"
A Religious Excuse for Slavery
African Abstractions in Mathematics
African American Slave Folklore Terms
African Ethos Disrupted by Slavery
African Humanity and Humanities
African Mathematics Developed African Philosophy
African Mathematics Developed Science
African Mathematics Funded Analysis/Synthesis
African Mathematics Originated Basic Inventions
African Mathematics Originated I-Ching
African Naming Practices
African Poetry
African Tribes of American Slaves (Part I)
African Tribes of American Slaves (Part II)
Afrocentric Faith Healing
Afrocentric Responsibility
Afrocentric Spiritual Faith
Afrocentric vs. Eurocentric Geniuses
American Humanity and Humanities
“Black Power”
“Splitter” Classification Of “Black”
Bad Habits from "Slave Resistance"
Bias/Prejudices In Black History Research
Black American Poetry
Black English During Slavery
Black English Overview
Black English Since Slavery
Blacks' D.C. Emancipation Day
Booker T. Washington
Causes Of Somali’s Piracy
Classifying African Abstractions
Components of African Motivation
Crushing Self-Motivation in the Slaves
Determination in JAB II's Ancestors
Did the Slaves Steal? (Part I)
Did the Slaves Steal? (Part II)
Did the Slaves Steal? (Part III)
Elite Slaves
European Manhood
Ex-Slave Peonage (Debt Slavery)
Field Slaves
Frankie Manning's Lindy Hop
From Slave Capture to Renaming
Good Taste in Knowledge
Historical Aryan Manhood
Historical Background of Black English
House Slaves
How Whiskey Helped Control the Slaves
JAB"S Cal. State Fullerton Black History Lecture
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 1)
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 2)
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 3)
JAB's African Holocaust Talk (Part 4)
JAB's Chair Dedication Speech (Part I)
JAB's Chair Dedication Speech (Part II)
Love and Evil Are Not Opposites
Love Source of African Tradition
M.L. King, Jr./Obama Connection
Manhood in Euro-Americans
Manhood in the Slaves (Part I)
Manhood in the Slaves (Part II)
Manhood Resocialization in African Slaves
Miscegenation of Black English
Motivation Proverbs from the Black Community
Mouthing-Off in Black America
Negro Creole
Non-Spiritual Faith
Obama's Path To Success
Obama—An Ancient African Example
Origins of African Abstract Mathematics
Peripheral Naming Problems
Permissible Disrespect Among Black Dude
Philosophy Of Obama's Success
Poetic African Proverbs
Police of the Slaves
Post-Civil War Negro Naming
Shall We Call Ourselves "African American"?
Shall We Call Ourselves "Black Americans"?
Shall We Call Ourselves "Negroes"?
Sippi Slaves Intimate Relationships
Slave Children
Slave Delusions
Slave Names in the Americas
Slave Owners' "Negro Dogs"
Slave Specialists
Slave Terminology
Slavery Disconnections from African Naming Practices
Slavery Fragments the African World View
Slavery's Ancestors of Today's Manhood Types
Sojourner Truth
Soul Food
Spanking During Slavery
Spankings Coming Out of Slavery
Spankings of African Tradition
The Afrikan Chair
The Dominance Of African "Classics"
The Ex-Slave Black Pimp
The Origin of Defining Blacks
The Power of Words on Slaves
The Roots of Black English
The Western Story Of The Sublime
Tree Concept for Assessing Black History
Types of Slaves' Folklore Attacks on White
Violent America
Voting Stories Of Black Americans
Weapons Used for Defining Black People
What Slaves' Folktales Say About Whites
Whites Calling Blacks by First Names
Why Did Europeans Choose "Black"?
Willie Lynch (1712) on Fashioning Slave Children
Willie Lynch (1712) on Slave Breeding
Willie Lynch on Controlling Slave's Language
Zombie Habits and Customs
African American History
Bad Categories Of "Black"
"Black" In European Superstitions
"Man, Know Thyself!"
"Okay" -- An African Word
African Collective Unconscious
African Maat (Love in Action)
African Math, Truth, Rhythms Sequence
African Passages and Passageways
African Rites of Passage
Africans Invented "The Olympics" Model
Africans Invented Arithmetic and Algebra
Africans Invented Decimals, Multiplication, Trigonometry
Africans Invented Decimals, Multiplication, Trigonometry
Africans Invented Mathematics
Africans Invented Philosophy
Africans Invented the Scientific Method
Africans Invented/Discovered Aspirin
Afrocentric Critical Thinking
Afrocentric Masks and Masquerades
Afrocentric Mystic Memory
Afrocentric Mysticism
Amenta Truths of African Tradition
Ancient African Naming Practices
Ancient African's Classification of Math
Ancient African's Dialectic Method
Ancient African's Supreme Thinking Method
Ancient Africans Invented Geometry
Ancient Africans Invented Logic
Ancient Africans' Leadership Approach
Ancient Information Remains Valuable
Background to "What Shall We Call Ourselves?"
Chess Originated In Africa
Critically Think Your Beliefs
Dignity of African Tradition
Divine Archetypes Of African Tradition
Dogs Of The Ancient World
Early African Inventions And Discoveries
European Paradigms
European Plagiarism of African Math
Evolution of the Unfair Unequal Humanity Scale
Features Of Arrogance
Hercules, A Black African
How African Tradition Formed
Instructions From Ancient Africa
Manhood Among Primitive Africans
Manhood Heroes Originated in Africa
Manhood in Ancient Africa
Manhood of Ancient African Visionaries
Mystical African Dances
Poetic Manhood of African Tradition
Primitive Africans were Geniuses
Principles Inside African Tradition
Principles Inside Western Tradition
Respect in African Tradition
Rhythms In Ancient African Communication
Rhythms Of African Tradition
Stories Of The Word "History"
Studying the Word Convenience
Thanksgiving Originated In Africa
The "We"/ "I" Society of African Tradition
The African Phoenix
The Egyptian Mystery Religions
The God Horus
The Goddess Isis
The Goddess Maat
The Savior God Osiris
The Scale of Justice Originated in Africa
The Significance of African Names
The Socratic Method's African Origin
The Spread of African Writing Tools
The Story of "Manhood"
The Story Of Arrogance
The Sublime Of African Tradition
Thinking In Principles
Truths Inside African Tradition
Truths Inside European Tradition
Western Collective Unconscious
Why Learn Afrocentric History?
World-Shaping Observations of Ancient Africans
Yin/Yang Originated in Africa
Life Skills
The Purpose Of Education
"Blackness" As Spiritual Perfection
"Class" And "Classy"
"Crabs-in-a-Barrel" Mentality
"Determination" In Struggling Black Americans
"Diversity" Means Sharing Power!
"Gentle" Boot Camp Tough Love
"I" (Individualism) Societies
"It's My Fate!"
"Knowing Thyself" Is What?
"love" of European Tradition
"Show Time" Styling
"We" Societies
"Wrist Slap" Spankings
A Broad Perspective of Surgery
A Classification Of Poetry
A Paradigm Shift For Black Americans
A Paradigm Shift For Black Americans
A Rational Approach For Managing Disadvantages
Acceptable Disrespect Overview
African Motivation Background
African Paradigms
Afrocentric Compatibility
Afrocentric vs. Eurocentric Love
Are Arrogant “little gods” Right?
Assessing a Poem
“Lumper/Splitter” Classification Of “Black”
Background For Marketplace Competition
Background Preparation For Leadership
Background Preparation For Leadership
Bias & Critical Thinking
Biases And Truth In Research
Biases And Truth In Research -- Part 2
Black Americans' Emotions Inside Delusions
Blacks Operating Inside An "I" Society
Blacks Reactions To Bad "Black" Meanings
Building Appreciation
Carter High School's BSLA Talk
Chess Develops The Mind
Chess Develops the Mind
Classic, Classics, And Classicals
Classification of Arrogance
Classification Of Competition
Classification of Verbal Dueling
Classifying Folklore
Classifying The Important
Classifying The Important
Common Sense
Courage To Leave The Crowd
Creating Masterpiece Poetry
Cultivating Desire
Denied Grief And Mourning In Black Americans
Detective "What Works" Thinking
Detective Thinkers
Determination of Serena Williams
Determining What Is Important
Determining What Is Important
Developing Observation Skills
Developing Will Power
Dialogue in the Socratic Method
Dignified, Cultured & Refined
Discovering Your Dream (Part I)
Discovering Your Dream (Part II)
Disrespect in "The Streets"
Education vs. Mind Control
Envy (Part I)
Envy (Part II)
Evolution of the "Hook-Up" Concept
Examples Of What Is Important
Family Heritage Reading Room Keynote Speech
Focusing Starts Success
Foresight/ Forethought For Black Parolees
Forms of Black History
Freeing Crystallized Poetic Thoughts
Future Black Leaders
Gear-Shifts Of Work
General Cultivation of Motivation
Giving Back To The Community
Guilty Beyond The Crime
Heads of Lettuce in a Vault
How I Passed My Internal Medicine Boards
How to Switch Habits
Human Energy
Human Nature
Human's Energy Package
I Have A Dream…Too
Introduction To Critical Thinking
Introduction to Grammar
Introduction to the Socratic Method
JAB's Approach to Writing Black History
JAB'S Frisbie Middle School Keynote Speech
JAB's University of Michigan Keynote Speech (Part I)
JAB's University of Michigan Keynote Speech (Part II)
Jaleesa's Comments on Shaky Determination
Knowledge is Power
Leadership Language
Lengthening Your Attention Span
Lofty Poetic Words
Making Learning Enjoyable
Management of Disrespect
Managing Unfair, Unequal Disadvantages (Part I)
Managing Unfair, Unequal Disadvantages (Part II)
Matrix, the Womb of a Creation
Medical Approaches For Diagnosis And Management
Medical Prefixes, Suffixes, and Roots
Medical Terminology History
Mindsets In Struggling Black Americans
Mother's Money Methods
Motivational Desires
Motivational Will
Nerds, A Valuable Resource
Non-African Concepts of Dignity
Obama Thinks In Principles
Observations on Spankings
Ones Personal Energy
Overview of Black Youth's Biggest Problem
Parts of Speech (Part I)
Parts of Speech (Part II)
Patterns Inside Poetry And Prose
Personification of Motivation
Philosophy of Life
Philosophy of Life Categories
Poetry Genre
Prejudice & Critical Thinking
Preparation For Making Money
Preparation For The Marketplace
Presenting Poetic Ideas
Principles of Switching Habits
Problematic Motivation in Black Youth
Procrastination (Part I)
Procrastination (Part II)
Procrastination (Part III)
Procrastination (Part IV)
Racism Facing Ambitious Black Students
Reality vs. Appearances
Right Brain Teachings For Black Parolees
Rites of Passage Closing Ceremony
Searching and Researching in Black History
Seven Favorite Thinking Tools
Shall We Call Ourselves Americans?
Socratic Irony
Soctratic Induction
Spanking in Today's Black Community
Spanking Philosophy of Eurocentrics
Spankings vs. "Time Out"
Specific Cultivation of Motivation
Stepping Into Your Genius
Stories About Understanding
System of Human Feelings
Talk To Aahi’s High School Students
Teaching Poetry to Youth
Teaching Youth To Focus
The Arrogance Of European “Classics”
The Arrogance Of European “Classics”
The Cosmic Poetic Ladder
The History of English (Part I)
The History of English (Part II)
The History of English (Part III)
The Purpose of Expression
The Significance Of Reserves
The Socratic Method
The Story of "Scholar"
The Story of Convenience
The Story of Will-Power
The Substance Behind Good Character
The Word “Class”
Tough Love
Tough Love for Struggling Black Youth
Training Black Youth To Compete
Trouble-Shooting Your Character
Types of Psychologists
Weirdness and the Evil Eye
Western Poetry
What are Talents?
What Is Important?
Who Defines who you are?
Why Black Students Drop Out of School
Why Black Youth’s Programs Fail
Why Inner City Individualist Struggle
Why Learn "Proper" English? (Part I)
Your "Real Self"
Your Calling in Life
Your Purpose in Life
Medical Articles
Offensive Language Afflicts Black Youth's Psyche
Purpose of Education?

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