WELCOME. to Loserz, now archived again after a bit of a rocky history with servers. For those wondering exactly what happened, here's the long and short of it:

Erik had his hosting taken care of by Dave C. of Chugworth, for which we would like to thank him. Alas, at the time, Dave was part of a collective... and one day, the server that hosted all the comics in the collective up and died. Fortunately, at around this time, Erik started up his Linburger comic with Slipshine, so I offered to host Loserz as part of the deal.
Thus, Erik bought the bukucomics domain, and I wrote up an insanely barebones version of the site, and the ugly Times-New-Roman-text-on-a-blank-white-site version of the Loserz archives was online... for quite a while.
Then, much like that other host, my hosting at Dreamhost basically died, and I had to move over a bunch of sites to a new server in Canada. But before I moved Loserz over, I wanted to give it an actual web design, and migrate it to the new comic hosting script I wrote during the move.
I ended up putting this off for several months 'cause I'm an asshole.
Then around when 2009 hit, the Dreamhost account expired, and Loserz wasn't moved yet. Thus, I let the site disappear completely 'cause I'm retarded.
EVENTUALLY, I stopped putting it off, and here is the new site.

So, Loserz will be back online with no downtime in the forseeable future. That little story may have been kind of interesting, but I'm sure the question that's really on your mind is "Will there be new episodes?"
The answer to that is simply "Anything can happen". However, for the past few years Erik's been concentrating on his current series Linburger (and crass be damned, please head over to Slipshine, give it a look, and consider subscribing!), and for those who miss the times when he did free comics, there's a new series he is currently drawing up plans for. A Loserz reboot isn't in the list of plans as of yet, but who knows! For now, enjoy these oldies, once again!

-Josh L, the retarded asshole webmaster

P.S. Erik himself will post a message here sooner or later.

-email Erik-

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