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Today, Steve Ballmer announced the launch of Microsoft’s new search product, Bing, at the D conference. Bing is a new kind of search engine, designed to do more than find search results. Bing is a Decision Engine created to help you cut through Internet clutter to help you make faster, more informed decisions. For more information on Bing, please check out the main search blog. Though Powerset only joined Microsoft in August 2008, we are very proud of the contributions we’ve been able to make in that time. We’d also like to note that, long before the acquisition of Powerset, Microsoft’s search team was hard at work building the infrastructure and technology to make Bing possible. In the next week, we’ll be posting more information about the Powerset integration into Bing. Stay tuned to learn about how Bing is the best place to find, read, and search Wikipedia articles while still having access to great Web search.


Mark Johnson, Senior Program Manager

  • Hi, interesting post. I have been pondering this topic,so thanks for writing. I'll probably be coming back to your blog. ...

  • hi, Mark, how are you doing?

    Would love to hear more. I'm presuming you're powering the 'related searches' stuff in some way - would be very interested to hear how it works.


  • Eu gostei muito do bing

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