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Who Is Allah ?

Some of the biggest misconceptions that many non-Muslims have about Islam have to do with the word "Allah". Many people have come to believe that Muslims worship a different God than Christians and Jews.
This is totally false...
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What Does the
Quran Say ?

If we compare every copy of the Quran with each other, we will find they match perfectly word for word - from the oldest copies to the ones printed just today. No human hand has changed it... < Read more >

What Is the Purpose
of Life ?

They say that a fool lives to eat and a wise man eats to live. But then the question remains: for what purpose does the wise man live? Living is not an end by itself. There has to be a purpose for man to live for... < Read more >

Islam and Christianity :
Is there a Relation ?

While there are theological differences, some of which might be significant, there are nonetheless other important areas of belief that are shared by both religions... < Read more >