When did you start painting?

I've been painting forever because my mom is an artist. She kind of pushed that on me, but I didn't really enjoy it until I was a bit older.

What kind of stuff do you paint?

I've always been a big sketch artist and I do a lot of cartooning. I paint, not actual graffiti art, but I paint underground, new art styles. I get a lot of my inspiration just from life; I'm really into nature, so that's been my inspiration a lot of the time.

What's your painting process like?

I use acrylic paints most of the time and I paint on canvas. And toys! Are you familiar with Kidrobot? Kidrobot is a store for designer toys. Artists design toys, and then they send them to Kidrobot, and Kidrobot makes them and sells them. That's what I like to do. I basically take toys, sand them down and paint my own designs on them. I've actually sold a couple, which is nice!

When do you find the time to paint?

Between work, school and hanging out with friends. I just try to find any time at all.