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Domacy (n) - A state of being. Complete domination of all that oppose you.

Why check in when you can break in? Domacy uses your iPhone's GPS, and nearby local businesses as the base for a game of Risk-style multi-player world conquest. Buy items, use them to attack or defend your fortresses, form a clan, and conquer the globe. Achieve Domacy today!
Second age has begun, a chance to win fresh! Fire up your game and claim your home fortress. Before someone else does! Second age winner will be decided April 2nd 2011, and prize will be sent shortly thereafter. Good luck, and keep dominating!
  1. (82) FnFuuFnF
  2. (32) uberkitty
  3. (24) BadPirate
  4. (20) n00b
  5. (11) DevilKhan
  6. (10) Werebear
  7. (5) coliwag
  8. (4) cookie1177
  9. (3) dislXEia ruLS k.o
  10. (3) Artorius Frost
  1. (82) My Empire
  2. (10) Plunger Club
  3. (3) The Arcane Circle
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