Official statistics comprise statistics compiled by the Census and Statistics Department (C&SD;) and those compiled by various policy bureaux and other government departments. Broadly speaking, statistics which are of a general purpose and useful to various functional areas are mainly compiled by the C&SD; while those relating to more specific functional areas are compiled by the bureaux/departments concerned, in which case hyperlinks are provided to relevant websites for facilitating retrieval of these official statistics.

Official statistics on "Labour" presented in this section are primarily compiled by the Census and Statistics Department. This section provides statistics in this area together with related publications, press releases and other reference materials released by the Census and Statistics Department as well as hyperlinks to related official statistics on relevant websites for facilitating retrieval.

Latest Statistics
Statistics on Labour Force, Unemployment and Underemployment11/2010 - 1/201112/2010 - 2/2011 #
Labour force ('000)3 712.33 698.7
Employed persons ('000)3 582.13 575.5
Unemployed persons ('000)130.2123.3
Underemployed persons ('000)67.061.6
Labour Force Participation Rates (%)60.2N.A.
Seasonally adjusted unemployment rate (%)3.83.6
Underemployment rate (%)1.81.7

#Provisional figures
N.A.Not available.

Nominal Wage Indices for Employees up to Supervisory Level by Selected Industry Sector (Excluding Managerial and Professional Employees) (September 1992 = 100)Dec-09Dec-10% change
Import/export, wholesale and retail trades166.2173.5+4.4
Accommodation and food service activities131.4135.8+3.4
Financial and insurance activities174.0177.9+2.2
Real estate leasing and maintenance management164.0167.1+1.9
Professional and business services156.4162.0+3.6
Personal services187.9196.3+4.4
All Selected Industry Sections157.9163.1+3.3

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Statistics on Map - Establishment and Persons Engaged
Statistics on Map - Establishment and Persons Engaged
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 Wage and Payroll Statistics for December 2010 2011-03-24
 Employment and Vacancies Statistics for December 2010 2011-03-21
 Unemployment and underemployment statistics for December 2010 - February 2011 2011-03-17
 Survey results of 2010 Annual Earnings and Hours Survey released 2011-03-07
 Quarterly Report on General Household Survey October to December 2010 published 2011-02-28

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Average Daily Wages of Workers Engaged in Public Sector Construction Projects as Reported by Main Contractors

Latest Issue: January 2011     Release Date: 01 April 2011
Quarterly Report of Wage and Payroll Statistics

This report presents summary statistics on wage rates and payroll compiled from the findings of the Labour Earnings Survey (LES) conducted by the Census and Statistics Department. Breakdowns of wage and payroll statistics by major industry sectors and industries are ... More

Latest Issue: Fourth Quarter 2010     Release Date: 24 March 2011

Quarterly Report of Employment and Vacancies Statistics

This publication contains up-to-date statistics on number of establishments, persons engaged and vacancies analysed by industry class. These statistics indicate the short-term changes on labour demand.

Latest Issue: Fourth Quarter 2010     Release Date: 21 March 2011

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