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  • Other Reference Sites:

    History of Surveyors Online prior to 1999
    SurveyNet is, er...was, back in new form. where the human endeavor aspect of navigation is emphasized.
    Flatirons Surveying site has an extensive set of pages portraying different types of land survey.
    Geomatics Information Center has good content and links on its Publications page.
    Surveying Zone hopes, among other things, "to offer a wide range of educational opportunities and information."
    A Virtual Museum of Surveying contains good historical information.
    Land Surveyor Reference Page
    Jerry Wahl's Cadastral Survey site
    Knud Hermansen Articles
    "Land Surveyors On-Line" was a fine site, and a splendid example of what a website can be; sadly now gone.
    RPLS Communications has merged with/into POB Online
    Online Calculators for Navigation and Engineering

    and then there's Three Land Surveyors and Some Other Guy

    and pages of other Land Surveyors .... and other reciprocal links

    When I started this site in Jan.'95, there weren't very many net sites useful or relevant to the land surveying professional, and maintaining this site was both easy and important. Now it is neither. I think that our professional community will be better served in the long term if we collectively maintain this resource at the Open Directory Project (formerly GnuHoo).
    Thank you.
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