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More Torchwood details revealed

Written by Dominic Knight   
Sunday, 08 August 2010 16:01

Leader writer and executive producer of Torchwood, Russell T. Davies, has revealed a few more details about the new series of the Doctor Who spin-off. The fourth season of Torchwood will start production in January with John Barrowman and Eve Myles reprising their respective roles. Filming will take place in Cardiff and Los Angeles - where the new season will be partially set - as well as other locations around the world. The new season will also be titled Torchwood: The New World and it will have a major storyline spanning the entire season - ala Torchwood: Children of Earth - and the event is on a global scale.


"It's far more complicated than just a monster. I think it's a brilliant idea, and when you hear it, it will make sense and you'll see how big it is. It could have filled 20 hours. It's a big 10-hour story." - Russell T Davies quoted on Blastr


While the events of last year's mini-series Torchwood: Children of Earth will be acknowledged within the story the new series won't picked up where that concluded - instead some time will have passed since those events. The death of Ianto Jones (Gareth David-Lloyd) and the events of the five-part drama had a clear and devastating impact on Captain Jack which resulted in him leaving the Earth. However, because some time has passed since then the Captain Jack in the new Torchwood will have resolved some of those issues.


"He immediately appears. His first appearance in this is running and fighting and being brilliant. Then you'll discover he's carrying all the legacy of that with him, because that would be an awfully dull way to start. That's why you end those shows on that note, because they're ending. We'd never start The New World that way. It's very keen to move on, but at the same time we're going to be absolutely faithful to people who followed Capt. Jack's story and to John Barrowman's career. So we do acknowledge the past stories while at the same time moving on to new stuff. He was left very dispirited and almost defeated at the end of the last series, which we acknowledge and we deal with in a language that will both satisfy old fans and also will move forward into the future." Russell T Davies quoted on Blastr


Reprising his role alongside Eve Myles and John Barrowman will be Kai Owen as Rhys, Gwen's husband. In Torchwood: The New World Rhys will once again be aiding the Torchwood team - which has done on/off since mid-way through the second season. The role of Rhys became more of a major player during the Children of Earth mini-series and this looks set to continue with The New World. For fans worried that an Americanised Torchwood will mean no more bisexuality for Captain Jack - you're wrong. Russell T. Davies was keen to stress that Jack will still be bisexual and pretty much fancies anything that walks.


"He can sleep with man, woman or alien. Yes, absolutely, and not just with men. It's important to point out that he's bisexual. The trap you fall into with bisexual men is only having them sleep with men. So it's men and women. You'll see the full range of his appetites, in a really properly done way. It's not just exploitative. We always have done that. Equally, open sexuality has to include everything, and that means having a husband/wife great big crime-fighting team and happily in love. That's there in that." - Russell T Davies quoted on Blastr


Yesterday the writers, alongside Davies, who'll be scripting the new Torchwood where revealed. John Fay, who co-scripted Children of Earth, will be returning while Jane Espenson who has written episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Battlestar Galactica and is a showrunner on its prequel series Caprica is also amongst the new writers. Smallville writers John Shiban and Doris Egan are also penning scripts. On Friday James Marsters revealed he was keen to re-prise his role of bisexual Captain John on the new episodes; he previously appeared for several episodes of Torchwood's second season.





Comments (7)
  • linda turton
    this is fantistic news that torchwood is back in a big way and i cant wait for next year o tho jb will be away for 7 months am happy for him to be back as captin jack
  • tucker
    Too bad RTD didn't think to include James Marsters again - really enjoyed his Captain John vibe and thought he could provide an interesting foil again to Jack.
  • Pat75
    "satisfy old fans"....ha ha ha...
    Before season 3 we were told that old fans will be rewarded. I am still waiting for my reward...
    Anyway the only thing which could satisfy me is the return of Ianto Jones.
  • Timothy Kline  - I whole heartedly agree with Pat75
    Ianto's return would make the show much more interesting for me and many other fans. Ianto actually makes Jack and the rest of the cast much more human, gives Jack much more depth. Without Ianto, Jack just seems like an arrogant oversexed cad! Don't get me wrong I do like Jack or at least John Barrowman playing Jack, but I would like him so much more with his faithfull everpresent sidekick/lover Ianto by his side!
  • pinkpolyanthus  - No chance!
    Why on earth would Torchwood fans believe anything that RTD says when he so happily lied to them over Series 3? :pirate: They were promised a proper relationship between Jack and Ianto and what did they get ... the enormous ego and lust for ratings that RTD has to boost his own self importance! :ooo:

    And if you read between the lines of everything he has said so far you just know he has sold his soul to the devil and the remarks on Captain Jack being bi means to appease the American market, the Captain will be getting some female whilst making the odd flirtatious remark to the males to keep the 'bi' bit going! :sleep: If middle America would not tolerate a gay actor playing Captain America ... do you seriously think they would accept a full on gay relationship in Torchwood? :0 This will never be QAF just a very poor relation of the original ... because we also know that once the Americans get their hands on anything British ... it ends up be totally ridiculous! :angry-red:
  • Tonja Kline
    These commenters need to stick to fanfiction.
  • Haerese
    Can't accept the fact that Jack just so easily gets over Ianto and starts sleeping around with anybody he sees(likes). That is all you need to do to destroy a drama which once had a great romantic relationship. :(
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